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About CRV


Improvement of herd management

CRV is one of the leading herd improvement companies in the world with offices and barns in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, the Czech Republic and Spain. CRV also exports semen to about 50 other countries through a loyal distributors network. With the head office located in Arnhem (Netherlands), CRV employs approximately 2000 people.

Watch our corporate movie for an introduction.

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Our solutions


Solutions for herd management

CRV wants to deliver solutions that support farmers in their herd management by
contributing to:

  • increase of the sales of farm products
  • a lower cost price
  • efficient use of labour
  • securing quality in farming

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A better future

At CRV we work hard to improve our position in the food chain as a sustainable enabler of dairy and beef production.

This position in the food chain is a special one, because as specialists in herd management including breeding, we stand at the beginning of it.

We develop innovative products and solutions to support farmers all over the world, so we have a special responsibility to them and to the animals they rear and care for.

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