Innovation drives us

Continuous innovation is important at CRV. We invest heavily in Research & Development because we aim always to provide the best possible solutions to problems encountered by farmers in their breeding and herd management. In this regard, CRV works closely with universities in several countries.

Management solutions

Farmers have to deal with ever-increasing volumes of data and facts. CRV devises management solutions that convert these facts into practical information. These are vital instruments that assist the modern farmer in taking the right commercial decisions. (Mobile) internet technology is playing an increasingly important role in the application of these instruments.



Genetic products

Semen and embryos are carriers of genetic information. CRV is constantly conducting research into options for improving the genetic quality of semen and embryos.

The influence of genomic selection has entailed a revolution in breeding in recent years. CRV is a global leader in the use of genomic selection in breeding programmes. Marker-selected young bulls are marketed under the name InSire. InSire bulls are characterised by superior genetic disposition.