Our organisation

CRV is a co-operative that is owned by the Dutch/Flemish Co-operative CRV u.a.. About 25,000 dairy and beef farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders are member of this co-operative and they have great influence on CRVs policy. They do this through the co-operative’s advisory bodies and member committees.

CRV Supervisory Board
– (P. J. D.) Peter Broeckx l chairman
– (W.) Wietse Duursma
– (E. J. M.) Etienne Cosyns
– (K. J.) Kurt Faes
– (A. P. H. J.) Fons Kersten
– (F.) Freek Rijna
– (S.) Sjoerd Schaap
– (P.) Peter Schrijver
– (G. J.) Gert-Jan Verploeg
– (J. P.) Johan Wouterse

Company structure

CRV is organised in business units that do business in the same time and culture zones as their customers. Business units and headquarters exchange knowledge and experience, in order to develop and deliver the best herd solutions available to dairy and beef cattle farmers world-wide.
CRV has five topographical business units:

  • Western Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • North America

CRV’s products and services are delivered to approximately 60 countries. Our head office, located in Arnhem, supports all our  business units and their local branches.

CRV Executive Board

Day-to-day management of CRV is entrusted to the Executive Board of CRV: Angus Haslett (CEO) and Egon Verheijden (CFO).


Angus Haslett

Angus Haslett

Egon Verheijden