At the beginning of the food chain

At CRV we work hard to improve our position in the food chain as a sustainable enabler of dairy and beef production. This position in the food chain is a special one, because as specialists in bovine genetics and herd management, we stand at the beginning of it. We develop innovative products and solutions to support farmers all over the world, so we have a special responsibility to them and to the animals they rear and care for.

sustainable production

The world’s increasing demand for food drives the need for effective food production. However this has to be achieved with care for our environment. In this respect, we haven’t lost sight of our responsibility to secure the health, welfare and productivity of the cows and animals that are in our farmers’ care. by carefully combining these elements, we serve both our farmers and our planet, achieving sustainable growth.

This means that we take sustainability seriously; it’s how we approach everything we do, from our products to our people, and especially our partners. It drives our processes and our innovation. We make it measurable so the effects of our work in this field are tangible.

We have defined three dimensions of sustainability:

  • sustainable herd
  • stakeholder dialogue
  • social environment.

These three dimensions are not separate entities, they are interrelated and integrated in our vision on our responsibility to all our stakeholders. You can read all about our vision on sustainability in the document: ‘We stand at the beginning of the food chain’

Code of Ethical Conduct CRV

In addition to the policy on sustainability CRV has drawn up a code of conduct in order to establish the ethical standards and values held by CRV and to encourage our employees and the company to behave correctly and honestly. This code gives the employees and the management clear guidelines on how to act and behave. You can download our brochure about CRV and ethics and our code of ethical conduct.

Download our PDF brochures: