Breeding 2016: efficient, economic and effective

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‘Efficiency’ is one of the most important words in 2016.  The April index run brings a wide range of bulls that transmit long-term and trouble-free production along with excellent udders and feet and legs. CRV bulls such as Finder, Browning, Snowfever and Brandy top the ranking lists.

As milk prices remain under pressure and farmers have to deal with restrictions on the number of animals that may be kept, one thing is clear: efficiency is key. These days, there is a need for bulls which maintain a flow of income in both good times and bad times. This index run brings very good news on this subject. A summary is given in this press release.


Black-and-white top performers for an efficient herd

With an index of almost 400 NVI, Bouw Finder (Balisto x Epic, +398 NVI) is the best bull in the Dutch-Flemish ranking list. Finder scores well on every front and passes on an exceptionally long lifespan numbering (+1147 days). As a result, his daughters will show an expected longevity of almost one year and seven months above average. Finder also passes on a substantial genetic milk production of +1241 kg and he contributes an enormous impulse (+12%) to herd efficiency.
Finder’s daughters will be able to produce milk without any trouble (+10% Better Life Health). His capacities in this aspect are also clearly reflected in the very high scores for udder health (113), hoof health (104) and calving ease (108). Finder made his breakthrough in December and there was immediately a long waiting list for this In-sire bull. Finder’s semen is now available.

Willem’s Hoeve Browning and Bouw Snowfever have two things in common. They share the position of being the highest newcomers on the list of daughter-proven black-and-white bulls and they are the highest bulls for conformation on this list.
The daughters of Willem’s Hoeve R Browning (Snowman x Ramos, 292 NVI) are very efficient (+10%) and give extremely high milk yields (+1894 kg). He is a bull that is worth his weight for economics – he transmits +117 kg fat and an Inet rating (Dutch production index) of as much as €361. Browning descends from the Willem’s Hoeve Ritas, a cow family with very high scores for conformation. With a marvellous total score of 114 and his fantastic udder score of 112 he does an excellent job in improving conformation in the herd. CRV expects a great demand for this top-class bull.

Bouw Snowfever cd (Snowman x Goldwyn, 292 NVI) received his first daughter breeding values, which are impressive. Snowfever’s daughters have fantastic conformation (114), udder (113) and feet and legs (109). They are very efficient producers of more than 12%, with high values for kg fat and proteins (+110kg), bringing their Inet rating up to more than €336. These are both economic and great-looking cows, with high longevity (+464 days).
In matings, take into account that Snowfever is a carrier of the genetic cholesterol deficiency defect (cd). Corrections concerning this are being made in mating programmes like SireMatch. CRV keeps new cd-carriers from entering the breeding programme.

MS Ricky 8 (Snowfever) eig: VOF Booij-Ottens, Streefkerk

MS Ricky 8 (s. Snowfever)

Newhouse Jorben (Vitesse x Epic, 357 NVI) produces cows with reserves. This InSire bull passes on an excellent condition score and high scores for udder health (109), hoof health (107), fertility (102) and also ketosis (105). Besides having a Better Life Health score of +7%, Jorben is also a great example of a bull for Better Life Efficiency (+10%). This udder specialist transmits high production, with sky-high fat and protein values (+113 kg). Another bonus is the fact that Jorben is a very good bull for mating with maiden heifers.

Delta Topgear (Malki x Solero, 309 NVI) is an InSire specialised in longevity (+870 days). With +9% for Better Life health he sires trouble-free offspring. All due to his fantastic score for udder health (110) and hoof health (112), combined with excellent fertility (104) and a reduction in ketosis (104). Furthermore, Topgear sires cows with very good feet and legs (110) and with +7% they are very efficient.


Red-and-white cows with easy production

Delta Debater (Debutant x Fidelity, 235 NVI) is a star milk producer (+1227 kg milk) with milk solids of +0.08% fat and +0.06% protein. What’s more, Debater also passes on an excellent fertility rate (103) and udder health (103), and he is also a very good bull to use with maiden heifers. Debater scores +8% for Better Life Efficiency and for that reason he makes a very attractive InSire bull.

Delta Tributant (Debutant x Atlantic, 231 NVI) is an InSire who sires easily-manageable cows (Better Life Health +5%) which produce lots of milk (+1004 kg).
Tributant passes on healthy udders (104), healthy hooves (107) and also an excellent daughter fertility (105). His daughters will be sturdily developed cows with very good udders (109) which produce milk without trouble and for a long time (+509 days).

The daughter-proven bull De Vrendt Brandy (Andy x Fiction, 204 NVI) is the red-and-white bull with the best score for conformation (114). He sires daughters with very good udders (112), fantastic feet and legs (111) and great hoof health (104). Brandy’s has a health score of +3% and his daughters produce milk with excellent components of +0.07% fat and +0.09% protein.

Greetje 28 (Brandy) eig: Mts. K+C den Besten-Kooij, Groot Ammers

Greetje 28 (s. Brandy)

Polled and carefree

Perplex PP (Deluxe P x Asterix P, 199 NVI) is an In-Sire bull that passes on homozygous polled genes. He is a champion for efficiency (+9%). Perplex sires offspring with very high milk production (+1193 kg) from very good udders (109). Furthermore, he passes on excellent hoof health (108), udder health (105) and reduces the risk of ketosis (104). That means efficient milking without horns and without trouble.

Table with most important breeding values of the bulls mentioned in the press release

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