Bulls for vital herds with outstanding financial results

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Henny 4273 and Dir. Joyce 361 (s. Nova PP)

December’s index run presents a rich gift to farmers of bulls that produce healthy cows capable of high fat and protein production. The selection includes bulls that excel in component inheritance as well as high milk production. With four, high-ranking sons among the black-and-white genomic tested bulls, Bouw Finder firmly stamps his mark as a sire of sons.

Many farmers struggle with the question: How can I make efficient (*) use of the available production space on my farm? The answer is: fill the barn with healthy, long-lived cows that offer great protein and fat production.

Delta Treasure (Finder x G-Force, 424 NVI) is just one of the bulls farmers can use to breed precisely that type of cow. The black-and-white Treasure is the new leader of the pack of genome tested bulls. He transmits phenomenal longevity (+1158 days). This incredible vitality, combined with generous milk production (+1030 kg), confers a sky-high score for Better Life Efficiency (+15%). In other words: his progeny will produce plenty of milk throughout their entire lifetime with a low feed intake.
Treasure’s daughters will be extremely fertile (106) with very good (112) and super healthy udders (114). His total score for Better Life Health is a worthy +10%.

index run

Delta Treasure


Treasure is a son of the popular Insire Top bull Bouw Finder (Balisto x Epic), whose name dominates the upper echelons of genomic tested bulls. Scoring +13% for Better Life Efficiency and +8% for Better Life Health he exemplifies a bull with genes capable of breeding a healthy herd with outstanding financial results. In this index run, he has bettered his own, already impressive, NVI score (now 379 NVI).

High component bulls

Delta Bouncer (Brentano x Jasper, 370 NVI) is a black-and-white efficiency champion (+12% Better Life Efficiency), who stands out for his high component transmission (+0.34% fat and +0.24% protein). He passes on excellent longevity (+942 days), very good udders (111) and formidable health (+9%). His qualities are emphasised by his scores for udder health (113), fertility (104) and calving ease (106).

The black-and-white bull Zandenburger Fury (Balu x Danno, 360 NVI) also inherits copious quantities of milk (+985 kg), combined with great protein contents (+0.23%). His daughters give high milk production for relatively low feed consumption (+11% Better Life Efficiency) and a rating of 111 for udder and udder health puts Fury in the udder specialist category.
His score of 107 for calving ease makes him ideal for use on maiden heifers, and there are no worries in the health stakes either (+7%).

With +0.37% fat and +0.41% protein, the daughter proven leg and component specialist Horst Allard rf (Hunter x Fidelity, 234 NVI) is the ideal candidate to use on cows that need a boost to their component production. Daughters of this red factor bull present outstanding udders (110) and legs (110) and healthy claws (105).

Coba 3294 (s. Allard Rf)


Among the red-and-white bulls, the name of daughter proven Delta Meteor-red (Stellando x Everspen, 238 NVI) is associated with extremely good component inheritance. This translates into resounding scores for fat (+0.80%) and protein (+0.36%). Meteor daughters are exceptionally fertile (110) with very good udders (107) and legs (108).

Peak polled levels

Delta Fair PP (Rafter P x O-Hare P, 279 NVI) is a homozygous black-and-white bull for polledness, partnered with high milk production (+1285 kg) and amazingly good efficiency (+13% Better Life Efficiency). Fair daughters will have highly healthy claws (109). He is also a good proposition for maiden heifers (108 calving ease) and has very healthy progeny (+7%).

De Vrendt Nova PP (Foxtrot x Lawn Boy, 157 NVI) is another homozygous, red-and-white polled bull making an appearance with the first breeding values of his daughters. He jumps 46 NVI points thanks to daughters performing with great efficiency (+7%) and giving plenty of milk (+1238 kg). They also have good udders (107) with very healthy claws (108).

index run

Henny 4273 (s. Nova PP)


Red-and-white Goal and Allround score high in milk

Delta Goal-red (Armada x Maestro, 303 NVI) unites first class milk production (+1088 kg) and positive protein inheritance (+0.12% protein) and a good score for Better Life Efficiency (+5%). Goal daughters are characterised by fertility (106) and excellent udders (108) and legs (108).

Delta Janko-red (Meteor x Aikman, 303 NVI) is a bull with a wonderful score for efficiency (+8%). He transmits a package of pleasing milk production (+894 kg), admirable fertility (106) and a high score for udders (110).

Daughters by Hedra Allround (Chanel x Jerudo, 226 NVI) produce masses of milk (+1278 kg) and are economical with their feed rations (+8% Better Life Efficiency). As well as bringing home the money (€ 297 Inet) Allround daughters are fertile (103) and have very good legs (108).


Popular MRIJ bull Nowen shows robust daughters

Nowen van ’t Wolfsgat (Owen x Nw Weert 7, 32 NVI) was the most widely used young MRIJ bull in CRV’s portfolio in the past two years. His first daughter breeding values are included in this index run. The figures show a pattern of efficient cows (+5% Better Life Efficiency ) that produce a lot of fat (+0.43%). Well-muscled (109) cattle with a robust nature.

index run


(*) Efficient milk production is highly important for two reasons; financial and environmental. In order to generate the most reliable calculation of breeding values relating to feed intake and feed efficiency, CRV makes every effort to collect and analyse feed intake data in practice. This data is obtained from our own trials, and in collaboration with other parties in the sector; currently Trouw Nutrition, Schothorst Feed Research and Wageningen Livestock Research.