CRV bulls: new stars and proven chart toppers

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Solero daughter Trien 573 index run
Solero daughter Trien 573; owner: Mts. Laan, The Netherlands

CRV aims to contribute to a future-proof and sustainable dairy sector by helping farmers to breed healthy and efficient cows. In this index run, CRV presents many bulls with the ability to transmit these traits to their progeny. The results are a better life for the animals, added value for the farmers and respect for our environment. We are proud of our bulls, but above all proud of all farmers! 

All-round profile with positive bonuses for fat and protein

Barnkamper Majestic (s. Simba) offers a wonderful production profile (1295 kg) combined with good health traits. Majestic’s progeny will enjoy good udder health (107), fertility (107) and hoof health (107). These bulls sired by Simba bring a breath of fresh air with their pedigree and produce healthy and efficient cows that will benefit the herd.

High components convert into cash

Velder Starmaker (s. Adorable) rates as a real cash cow. The transmitting abilities of this InSire bull could serve as a blueprint for the breeding goals of farmers whose priority is profit. Starmaker guarantees a copious cash flow thanks to great milk production transmission with sky high components (+0.46% fat and +0.28% protein). His daughters also show good persistency (106) and health (+12%) and mature late (106). Willems Hoeve Woody (s. Ranger) partners an extremely high milk yield with a nice plus for components. The combination of these traits with great longevity also makes his daughters very efficient (+14%). However, he has dropped somewhat in the rankings since the August index run. This is due to adjustments made to the calculation model used for the national breeding value estimation, which significantly downgraded the ranking of his sire Double W Ranger. The effects of these changes to the calculation model are especially strongly reflected in the scores for bulls with high numbers of genotyped daughters.

Winning partnership of components and conformation

Thanks to an abundance of milk (1674 kg) with high components, Delta Mauro Red (s. Goal) has realised a breeding value of 529 Inet. Mauro’s daughters will boast udders with a high, firm attachment. Mauro also shines in the conformation stakes scoring 108 for udders, 110 for feet and legs and 111 for overall conformation. Thanks to a pedigree that carries black-and-white genes, he is ideal for all-round use in the red-and-white population.

Former InSire bulls prove their worth

Delta Solero (s Eminem) is now also a proven top performer with over 1,500 lactating daughters. CRV showed a progeny group sired by Solero at the HHH show. The body size of these cows is moderate (98) and they have good fertility (106), very healthy udders (106) and super claws (109). They are efficient producers (+14%) and give lovely rich milk with ease. This represents a considerable saving on feed costs (68 SFCM). Peak Hotline is a popular bull internationally from CRV’s strong American portfolio. His daughters are fantastic, which is reflected by his listing in the top 10 TPI of daughter proven bulls (2727 TPI). In addition, he also holds the leading position for conformation in the top 100 TPI (3.45 PTAT).

Hotline daughter

Robustness in red-and-white

American Carnival is the highest newcomer in the red-and-white segment. This Jester son delivers generously built, robust cows with excellent udders (111). His more than 800 daughters produce plenty of milk (1723 kg) with the utmost ease (ketosis 109). Cows that combine beauty and milk in abundance. The health traits are also above average and his daughters are perfect candidates for robot milking systems. Delta Fun P (s. Aikman) also produced a good index run and confirmed his breeding values.

Carnival daughter

The MRIJ segment

Mustang (s. Owen) has excellent milk yields (359 kg) with positive component percentages (+0.24% fat and +0.06% protein). His daughters will be attractive, robust cows with good muscularity. The breeding values for the top of the bill Vinkenhof 69 Dirk (s. Buster) also continue to conquer the rankings.

In short, it is for all the right reasons that CRV is number one in terms of health and efficiency!