CRV bulls sire daughters for efficient and healthy production

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(US-based press release)

The April 2015 sire evaluations for CRV brought exciting new holstein InSires as well as sires with daughters proven to boost efficient and healthy milk production. These bulls will support producers in their aim for strong economic results and a herd that is easy to manage.

New Insire Releases
Several new Insire (genomic) bulls shine for CRV’s efficiency and health indices.


Peak Jerod Abel is the number one Jerod son at 2589 GTPI and offers positive health traits at +7% Better Life Health (BLH), +2.5 DPR, and +6.4 PL. He also offers fantastic efficiency at +9% Better Life Efficiency (BLE). His daughters will be long lasting and productive (116 lbs combined fat and protein). Also they will be relatively low on feed intake (+1.54 kg dry matter.cow/day).




Pen-Col SS Bobby-ET is a leading Supersire son at 2571 GTPI with 137 lbs fat and protein. Bobby also transmits great efficiency (BLE +8%) because his daughters will be productive as well as long lasting (6.5 PL).






EDG Clown offers a unique combination of production and health with 906 lbs milk, positive DPR and PL, and a low SCE at 6.6. All three bulls, Clown, Bobby and Abel, are positive for both fat and protein percent, over 115 CFP, greater than 790 CM$, and over 8% for BLE.




navigator-us-MohicanAnother new release, Abtshoeve Mohican is a CRV leader for SCE at 5.9, 799 lbs milk with positive fat and protein percentages, and 642 CM$. He transmits high longevity (4.2 PL) and great fertility (1.2).  Therefor Mohican is not to be missed by commercial farmers world-wide.




Proven stars
The CRV breeding philosophy has always been driven towards efficient fat and protein production and an easy to manage herd. CRV’s proven sire line-up emphasizes that belief.


Delta G-Force added over 1600 daughters to his proof. With 94 lbs combined fat & proteïn he is one of the highest daughter proven bulls for these traits. He scores +1.39 kg dry matter per cow per day, meaning that his daughters realize this high production by eating less than 0.70 kg dry matter per cow extra per day. This results in a fantastic score for Better Life Efficiency (+10%).




Hunter now added 264 daughters to his proof. He gained 100 lbs milk (674 lbs) and improved especially on hoof health (114) and ketosis (106). His daughters are easy to manage, as they remain very healthy (BLH 6%).






Marlow is another example of a high component bull (+0.08% Fat & +0.06% Protein), combined with a high productive life (6.7) and positive DPR (2.7) his daughters do extremely well for udder health (110), meaning that they will have 10 less clinical mastitis compared to average. Another fine example of easy to manage cows (Better Life Health +7%).