CRV expands data collection for breeding purposes

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The collection of hoof health data becomes a structural part in the CRV breeding programme. In addition there are plans in development to extensively increase the analyses done on breeding material of female animals.

Hoof health data

Starting from September 1st, CRV will reward dairy farmers that contribute in the collection of data on hoof health. The farmers receive a fee for delivering hoof health data from daughters from InSire bulls and MRI testing bulls. In that way more information on hoof health can be used in the selection and breeding of bulls with high hoof health traits. The information is gathered through the ‘Digiklauw’ service, which is widely used within the Netherlands and probably soon in Flanders as well. This service collects information from the hoof trimmers directly.

Strong basis

Not only for hoof health, but for all CRV breeding information, thousands of Dutch and Flemish farmers participate and fulfill an important role in the achievement of reliable data in CRV breeding values. In the future, CRV cooperate further with these farmers to expand the amount of data, for example in the field of animal health, milk composition and culling data.