CRV Fleckvieh bulls show excellent efficiency

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Haribo daughter Angelika fleckvieh
Haribo daughter Angelika

Traditionally, the December index turn shows few surprises. Genetic progress remains area of focus and consistent breeding yields results. Fleckvieh bulls demonstrate progress in breeding for health and efficiency and therefore great longevity. CRV has an interesting offer of proven and new Fleckvieh bulls. With a healthy and efficient herd, our farmers can look forward to a bright future.


Haribo’s first successful daughters

Haribo (Hutera x Rurex) is the second best newcomer in the Fleckvieh ranking with 127 TMI. The three dams in the pedigree produced the unbelievable amount of more than 288,000 kg of milk. Haribo daughters are very productive (+1,078 kg) with balanced fat (+0,02%) and protein (-0,01%). He breeds middle framed cows with firmly attached udders, excellent feet and legs. On top, the heifers are very efficient (+8%) and persistent producers (116).


Outstanding longevity for Intern

The daughter tested bull Intern (Incubus x Rustico) shows an outstanding longevity (127) amongst others due to efficiency (+8%) combined with good health traits (+7%). Intern daughters are very fertile (120). The heifers are middle framed animals with functional udders (108), good udder health (110) and best feed and legs(115).


Outcross bloodline for all-rounder Wookie Pp

All-rounder Wookie Pp (Walk X Polled Pp) has an outcross bloodline free of Mahango blood. With an TMI of 131, good milk production (+706 kg) and positive inheritance of milk solids, daughters of Wookie Pp will score above average. Not only the feet and legs will be positive, on top of that the offspring is expected to have strong udders (114) combined with outstanding udder health (119).


Wookie PP

Wookie PP (Walk X Polled Pp)

Cello: Dam of Wookie PP
Pascal combines high beef index with efficiency

Last but not least CRV has Pascal (Herzschlag x Vanadin) in her portfolio. Pascal combines a great exterior (frame 115) with excellent feet and legs (120) and complete udders (112). Next to that, he has a high beef index (118) combined with nice efficiency traits (+7%). Pascal is ranking amongst the highest bulls with 137 TMI.

Whether you as a farmer focus on increasing milk solids, polled or (feed) efficiency, CRV again has a wide choice that fits your breeding goal.

Pascal fleckvieh

Pascal (Herzschlag x Vanadin)