CRV Fleckvieh bulls to build a productive and healthy herd

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The December 2015 index run proves that Fleckvieh bulls from CRV provide the foundation for a productive herd with low costs for feed and veterinary care.  Herz, Isario, Raldi and Mungo are excellent examples from the CRV line-up.

 Efficiency and health can go hand in hand. Healthy cows live longer and high longevity boosts the efficiency of the milk produced. The demand for bulls that combine good efficiency and health is increasing and CRV meets this demand with the best bulls available.


InSires for productive healthy cows

Herz  (Hurrican x Vanstein, 138 gGZW) is an InSire bull with production in his genes. His dam is Livana who produced milking lists between 11,000 and 12,000 kgs of milk. His daughters will produce lots of milk (+717 kg) with great efficiency (+8%). Herz is a bull with a top breeding value for fitness (130). He improves the health of the herd (+4%) and transmits very high longevity, great persistence and outstanding udder health. His type scores are equally remarkable. Herz will give daughters with fantastic feet and legs (116) and udders (111).

Isario PS (Irola PS x Winnipeg, gGZW 130) is one of the highest polled InSire bulls. He is a great bull to improve the longevity (118) and udder health (108) of the herd. His daughters will show very efficient (+7%) milk production with great persistency within the lactation. Isario daughters will be average sized cows with great musculature, featuring well-attached udders with short teats. Isario can best be used on cows with a high milking speed.


Daughter proven bulls Raldi and Mungo prove their qualities

Raldi (Rau x Poldi,131 gGZW) has again turned out to be the number one daughter proven bull, confirming all his breeding values. Raldi daughters showed convincing first and second lactations. The first ones are now starting their third lactation, showing an even higher production performance. Their production efficiency is very high (+8%) and they are easy to manage (Better Life Health +9%). In matings, farmers should keep in mind that Raldi is a carrier of the genetic defect FH5.Raldi daughters show great type with exceptionally good udders (125).

Mungo Pp (Manitoba x Pontius, 123 gGZW) is currently the best daughter proven polled Fleckvieh bull. With an improved inheritance of milk production (now +980 kg) his efficiency rose to a very high score of (+7%). Mungo is also an excellent bull to improve the health of the herd with a 122 score for fitness and +8% for Better Life Health. A point of attention is the low milking speed of Mungo daughters, however their udder health is fantastic.  No wonder that CRV was recently able to present a progeny group of Mungo in Miesbach (Germany) with nine excellent daughters, all with extremely low somatic cell counts.