Progeny groups at CRV Cow-Expo 2013 shining examples of a healthy herd

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Good animal health results in easy to manage herds that deliver high lifetime production. For the CRV Cow Expo 2013, CRV has specially selected eight groups of daughters sired by bulls that can be used by farmers to breed a healthy herd. The event will take place in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle on 22 June.


Three daughters of Delta Atlantic

There will be plenty to report about the progeny group presentations at the coming edition of the CRV Cow-Expo. Six of the eight bulls are making their debut with a group of daughters at this show. Daughters sired by Atlantic and Redman, who top the black-and-white and red-and-white NVI indexes, will also be among the selected groups.


CRV is showing four black-and-white groups that all partner excellent health traits with a high NVI and high scores for conformation (table 1). Atlantic, Banker and Astro are also making their debuts with first calf daughters. In December 2012, CRV already showed a second crop daughter group sired by Cricket. This will also be the case at this CRV Cow-Expo.

Table 1 – Black-and-white progeny groups during the CRV Cow-Expo

 NVI longevity claw health udder health calving ease total conformation
Atlantic (Ramos x O Man) 297 715 107 105 106 113
Banker (Goldwyn x Mascol) 231 415 104 106 111 112
Astro (Goldwyn  x O Man) 227 278 104 103 103 114
Cricket (O Man x Durham) 212 576 103 108 110 112


Red-and-white will also be represented by daughter groups sired bybulls that score high on health traits. Three out of four bulls in this case are debutants. First calf daughters by Redman, Windstar and Cherokee will be seen, while second crop daughters of Fidelity will also appear in the show ring.

Table 2 – Red-and-white progeny groups during the CRV Cow-Expo

   NVI longevity claw health udder health calving ease total conformation
Redman (Fiction x TS Gogo) 227 499 102 103 108 106
Fidelity (Kian x Lightning) 216 144 104 100 101 112
Windstar (Spencer x O Man) 209 531 104 105 104 107
Cherokee (Fender x Goldwyn) 193 499 101 105 106 108

Paulien 41, daughter of Lowlands Redman

Lifetime production at CRV Cow-Expo

Lifetime production is the central theme at the CRV Cow-Expo. The daughter groups presented by CRV demonstrate the enormous choice of bulls that farmers can use to breed a healthy herd with high lifetime production.