CRV granted ICAR quality certificate for type evaluation and classification programme

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Following a meticulous audit performed by the International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR), CRV was granted the ICAR certificate of quality for the type evaluation and classification programme on 29 May 2013.

web-icar resizedCRV attaches great value to the reliability of type classification and how conformation data is recorded and processed. In order to safeguard this quality, CRV approached ICAR to request an evaluation of its methods with the aim of being granted certification.

CRV is the first cattle improvement organisation that has requested and received certification for type evaluation and classification.

Important points during the audit

During its audit, ICAR closely examined a number of critical aspects, such as:

  • The objective recording of conformation data by the classifiers;
  • The quality and reliability of the database in which conformation data is recorded;
  • The training, monitoring and mutually uniform methods of the classifiers;
  • Harmonisation with international classification standards.

As the data recorded by the classifiers is used for breeding value estimation, it is vital that this is done objectively, without, for example, the classifiers being aware in advance of the pedigree of the animals being classified. During its audit, ICAR was able to establish that this objectivity is safeguarded by CRV and indicated in its audit report that it is convinced that all the type classifications are performed with impartiality.

After the audit of the entire system for assessing and recording conformation data, ICAR concluded that CRV provides ‘an extremely well administered and robust linear type evaluation programme’. As a result of this positive audit, CRV was granted the ICAR certificate of quality for type evaluation and classification on 29 May.