CRV increases test capacity breeding programme

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CRV agreed with the Hermanussen family to increase the test capacity of CRV’s breeding programme on their farm. Mainly through extra emphasis on selection based on TPI and polled animals, the amount of heifers that is tested by CRV has increased reasonably in the last years.

The ‘Barendonk Holsteins’ farm of the Hermanussen family will be home to mainly red and white and red-carrier animals from the CRV breeding programme, and is now one of the five CRV test farms in the Netherlands. The farm is renown (inter)nationally for their achievements in breeding and outstanding management capabilities and also has some bull dams in its herd at the moment.

Meeting expectations

The selection intensity and capacity have increased during the last years, thanks to genomic selection. After the tested heifers are used in the breeding programme of CRV, they are also tested in practice on one of the five test farms. This is where they calf for the first time and are milked. The data that is gathered during the lactation gives valuable information for the CRV breeding programme. It is important to CRV that the heifers with high genomic breeding values also achieve high phenotypic values.