CRV presents vision on sustainability

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In the brochure ‘We stand at the beginning of the food chain’, CRV is publishing its vision and objectives on sustainability. By meeting these objectives, CRV wants to support sustainable milk and beef production.

bra-1A herd in which cows live a year longer, are healthier and also produce milk and beef in a more environmentally sound way: this is a glimpse of the ambitious objectives which CRV is publishing in its vision on sustainability on 21 March.

The vision on sustainability can be downloaded from the CRV website.

Everything in balance

In its vision on sustainability, CRV makes it clear that a herd’s performance can only be described as sustainable if factors such as animal health, welfare, production and the environment reinforce each other.

CRV director Ate Lindeboom: ‘These things are all too often presented as opposites. But sustainable production actually means achieving a harmonious balance between them.’ As an example he mentions CRV’s aim to offer bulls by 2020 that cattle breeders can use to breed a herd in which the cows live a year longer. ‘That is good for the cow, but because it makes for more efficient production it benefits the economy and the environment as well. For instance, we want to be able to improve the feed efficiency of dairy cows by 10% and reduce CO2 emissions by 10% per kg of milk,’ Ate Lindeboom explains.

Broad approach

The phrase ‘We stand at the beginning of the food chain’ describes three dimensions of sustainability: a sustainable herd, sustainable dialogue, and corporate social responsibility. In this way CRV is making it clear that progress in sustainability in respect of its core activities (in the vision described under ‘sustainable herd’) benefits from an open dialogue with society and cooperation with supply chain partners. The vision therefore sets out concrete objectives for all three dimensions.

CRV intends to translate its vision on sustainability into existing and new products and services that add value for dairy and beef farmers. In doing so the cooperative wants to support sustainable food production and do as much as possible to help its members and customers achieve healthy results and continuity in their business operations.