CRV Result Navigator: five key criteria for herd management

Every dairy or beef farmer – wherever they are in the world – sets goals for their farm. These goals may differ depending on the farm or the region, but the herd is always at the heart of the business. The changing market conditions and the environment in which a farm is located will impact on how it is managed. That’s why dairy and beef farmers always think one step ahead: where do I want to go and what kind of herd do I need to get there?



Inzicht Plan Verbeter Levensduur Productie Gezondheid Efficientie Vruchtbaarheid

CRV shares the farmer’s commitment to the herd and feels a responsibility to help them achieve the best possible results. The key to this is good herd management.


That is why we have developed the CRV Result Navigator. In one image The CRV Result Navigator depicts our vision of how sound herd management works. Good herd management depends on many factors farmers always need to have insight into. CRV helps farmers do this.


We focus on five key criteria that can make the difference on the vast majority of dairy and beef farms. In our approach to herd management, three keywords come up time and again: insight, plan and improve.

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A fertile result

Fertility is an important cornerstone of a well-performing herd. A new calf not only generates revenue, it is also the start of a new cycle. Fertility ensures continuity on the farm through aspects such as production (milk), growth (meat) and genetic progress. But fertility is a complex issue which is affected by many things. Feeding, health, housing, good heat detection and data management are basic elements of fertility.

At CRV we understand the complexity of fertility management inside out. We are constantly developing new solutions, and fertility gets our full attention in our breeding programmes. Our team of specialists guide farmers and give them peace of mind when it comes to managing fertility – and that’s how we commit to achieving good results.

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A healthy, easy-to-manage herd

Every farmer wants healthy animals. After all, healthy animals ensure smoother production and better growth. They deliver happier workers, a reduced workload and, just as importantly, lower milk and meat production costs. So a healthy herd increases the farmer’s income and competitiveness. What’s more, animal health and welfare go a long way in determining the farm’s standing in society. People are paying more and more attention to the way animals are kept and want to see the welfare of animals and humans guaranteed. CRV helps farmers achieve a healthier herd. We use information to visualise the health of the herd, and make sure the next generation is healthier than the present one. We work preventively – because prevention is better than cure. To do this we pay a lot of attention to advice, and we coordinate the advice we give with other important farm advisers like mixed feed suppliers and vets.

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An eye for production

Every farmer wants their farm and their herd to achieve good results. And production (milk) and growth (meat) play a key role in this. A productive herd in terms of milk or meat is a prerequisite for a good income, as long as this production or growth is achieved efficiently.

The right breeding goal and the right genetics are the foundation for a productive herd. CRV enables farmers to lay this foundation, but we do much more besides… For example, we help them monitor their herd’s production (with milk recording, for example), giving them a sound foundation for their management decisions. So farmers can make better decisions about which cows they want to continue to breed with, for example, and they get a clear picture of which animals are producing optimally and which are not.

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Efficient herd: responsible production and cost control

The increasing worldwide demand for food requires efficient food production with respect for the environment. Efficiency is a keyword in this regard. For many farmers, efficient production takes priority over maximum production. Efficiency means needing fewer raw materials (feed, chemical fertilizers) per kg of milk or meat. This is better for the environment – and better for their bottom line too. Efficient production also means working with healthy animals with high longevity, particularly on dairy farms. In addition to economy, efficiency also has a lot in common with responsible dairy and beef production.

CRV is right at the beginning of the food chain. So we are uniquely placed to help farmers produce milk and meat in a sustainable and responsible way. CRV helps them breed specifically for efficiency, and we also help them manage the mineral cycle on the farm.

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A herd with high longevity

Farmers aim to build a herd that has the capacity to grow old. Because of the nature of the sector, this mainly applies to dairy farming. Dairy cows that grow old are living proof that all has been well with their health, fertility and production. They also produce more efficiently, because older animals produce more milk than young ones. What’s more, they go on producing for longer, so they give more milk in relation to the energy – and time – invested in them during rearing. CRV not only helps farmers breed a herd with high longevity, we also pay a lot of attention to preventing premature losses due to health, fertility etc. based on management information.

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Insight into the situation


Concrete, effective herd management begins with understanding our clients’ goals with their herd. Next, by analysing the information that’s available on the herd, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the performance of our customers’ herds, including their genetic capacity. This way insights are gained in potential improvements and innovation. The process of obtaining insight is gone through after every improvement cycle. Through constant monitoring, results can be fine-tuned. With our information solutions and services and – of course – our people, CRV offers its customers all this and more.

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Planning progress


With the insights we gain, we can help our customers meet clearly defined targets for achieving focused and sustainable improvements in herd performance. Which results need to be improved? CRV can then help choose the best approach and solutions to use. The solutions could be in a number of areas: product information, services, genetics advice or a combination of them all.

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Making improvements

Good results can only be achieved with careful implementation. Selecting the right solutions for a dairy or beef farm will depend on the circumstances on the farm and calls for an eye for detail. This could include choosing the weights for SireMatch, for example, or optimising an online management system to get even more out of it. By constantly monitoring the improvements made, it is possible to gain more new insights that will help fine-tune performance improvements even further.

And with that, we’re back at ‘Insight’ in the CRV Result Navigator – so the circle is closed.

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