CRV sires increase overall health and efficiency

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The December 2014 sire evaluations for CRV brought exciting new Holstein InSires as well as returning favorites that continue to do well on the new genetic base. Also CRV’s Better Life Health (BLH) and Better Life Efficiency (BLE) indices have been expanded with the addition of the Ketosis and Feed Intake breeding values.

Cookiecutter M-O-M Hunter continues to be a popular proven sire as he adds more daughters in the US. He is an improver of component percentages in his daughters and also sires functional type, with especially good feet and legs. Hunters will provide plenty of strength and width throughout and he is a very balanced bull that makes a great addition to any breeding program.

Another daughter proven Man-O-Man son who continues to impress is Clear-Echo M-O-M Heman. The daughters of this bull are adding pounds to the tank from shallow, well-attached udders. Heman continues to be a great option in the heifer pen as well, having an SCE of 5.7. Early indications are that this bull will continue to improve as more daughters are added.

Sand Valley Grand is a Mogul son who impresses across the board with both production and type. In addition to being almost 3 points for both PTAT and FLC, the bull is also a whopping +1934 for Milk. Grand comes from a proven sire stack of Mogul, Iota, and Planet. This bull would make a grand addition to any breeding program.

Returning stars
Barnkamper Monrovia (Mogul x Brilliant), shines at +2527 GTPI and 106 CFP. With a 6.0 PL, 712 CM$, 9% BLE and 2.14 UDC, Monrovia is a complete package bull that will fit any breeding program.

Hammer-Creek MGL Karhart (Mogul x Snowman) provides tremendous component pounds with +71 lbs Fat and +58 lbs Protein and over 2000lbs Milk. Karhart’s strong linears with excellent production numbers are sure to keep your breeding program warm this winter.

Global star Vekis Chevrolet (Freddie x Planet) continues to be a leading Freddie son at 2407 GTPI, 1645 lbs Milk, 11% BLE and 110lbs CFP. From the famous Larcrest Crimson family, Chevrolet continues his families legacy.

Rounding out the list, View-Home MCC Beta-ET (McCutchen x Robust) is the complete package bull with +2414 GTPI, 103 pounds combined Fat and Protein, and 1234 lbs Milk.  Beta also has strong health figures at +4.8 PL and positive DPR with low SCS.