CRV’s Breeding Policy fits well with market developments

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The breeding policy of CRV appears to fit well with market developments in the payment of milk. This is evident from an analysis resulting from the milk payment system that FrieslandCampina wants to introduce as from 1 January 2014.

In its selection policy and breeding programmes, CRV is taking account of the fact that in the coming years, cattle farmers will increasingly have need of cows that produce many kilos of protein, fat and lactose. The payment system that FrieslandCampina wants to introduce into the Netherlands and Flanders as from 1 January 2014, demonstrates the milk market’s development in this direction. A part of this payment is that the negative weighting of kilograms of milk is converted into a positive weighting. This situation is already the case in the Belgian market. In 2012, CRV adapted the selection policy whereby sires that inherit lots of kilos of protein, fat and lactose, will emerge even more strongly.


The right genetics in the stable on time

Inet (net milk money index) is the cattle breeding index that directly anticipates the (future) milk price. In April 2012, the Inet calculation was adapted by GES (Genetic Evaluation Sires foundation) to the expected market developments around milk. CRV has incorporated this new Inet into its selection programmes so that farmers have cows into sheds on time in a way that matches how they get paid for the milk.

An analysis by CRV shows this was a good move. If the proposed payment system could be directly applied to the calculation of the Inet, a production index would arise that has a correlation as high as 98% with the current Inet.This makes possible a very effective sire selection and has an eye to the future.

On top of that, CRV has also been conducting an American breeding programme for many years, in which there’s a heavy emphasis on kilograms of protein and fat. Also from this, plenty of bulls come available that fit into the market conditions that cattle farmers have to deal with.

Future reality

The analysis that CRV carried out shows the breeding policy, aimed at a high lifetime production with many kilos of protein and fat, effectively takes into account the current and future realities surrounding the payment of milk.