Curtain falls for Kian

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At the age of 16, after a long career, it is curtains for the legendary CRV bull Kian. With 1.4 million straws sold, Kian is the absolute red-and-white world record holder. He leaves a clear legacy in the bloodlines of  both his daughters and his sons.

web-kianKian (Andries x Sunny Boy) was born on 11 June 1997. Internationally, he evolved into the most popular red-and-white bull of all time. Due to his unique qualities, he was used on a massive scale with red-and-white and black-and-white cows. In 2008, Kian became the first red-and-white bull in the world to produce more than one million doses of semen. The counter now stands at well over 1.4 million doses.

Highly sought-after qualities

After his breakthrough as a breeding bull in 2002, Kian ranked among the top-5 of most frequently used bulls for years, even topping this league for four years in succession. He owed his popularity partly to the fact that Kian daughters are strong cows with amazing legs and feet with high protein and life time production.

In addition to the Netherlands and Flanders, many Kian daughters are to be found in countries including Germany, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, the Czech Republic and New Zealand.

Sire of sons and…grandsons

In his long career, Kian has also been successful in the male line. His sons Delta Fidelity, Apina Curtis and Van de Peul Kylian are widely praised for their strong leg and claw inheritance. And also grandsons such as Delta Sherlock (black-and-white), Delta Maicon and Delta Direct are currently continuing the successes of the Kian era at a high level.

Thanks to his immense popularity at home and abroad and the successful bull progeny he leaves, Kian can rightly be called a legendary bull.