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On the first day of the NRM (All Holland Dairy Show) the six formidable CRV daughter groups and one theme group paraded in the ring to a full house. Many visitors to the NRM saw the animals ‘in person’ on our stand on day two.

These visitors included the owners of the cows in the daughter groups who are extremely proud that their animals were chosen to appear at the NRM. The gallery on our Facebook page displays many photos of the owners and their cattle.

AH Vitesse
At the NRM, it was debut time for a daughter group of heifers by Vitesse. He already has almost 1000 daughters in production, who really stand out for the components in the milk. Vitesse daughters are true free stall barn cows: with an average stature, a wide chest width, good udders and super legs. Vitesse scores +5% for Better Life Health. Using Vitesse is the way to achieve progress in results for udder health, claw health, fertility and ketosis. Vitesse scores +7% for Better Life Efficiency.
Vitesse daughters will help you make real progress for Inet, durability and efficiency. In other words: Vitesse is a bull who transmits amazing legs and great components.

Watch the video of Vitesse’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Delta Colorado
Delta Colorado made an impressive debut appearance at Agriflanders in Ghent, Belgium. The NRM was the scoop for the Netherlands with a collection of fine Colorados. Colorado scores sky-high when it comes to important financial traits such as fertility, udder health, claw health and great longevity. Good, dairy types with wide rumps and super udders: firmly attached, shallow and with a strong suspensory ligament. Black-and-white can also benefit, scoring 113 for udders makes Colorado one of the best udder specialists for this segment too. The amazing legs with incredibly healthy, firm and hard, short claws are also striking traits. Colorado also scores +6% for Better Life Health, making him currently one of the most all-round, daughter-proven, red-and-white bulls. Colorado guarantees health, longevity and fantastic conformation!
Foto 3. Dochtergroep Colorado-nrm2017-500

Watch the video of Colorado’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Delta Bookem Danno
With an NVI of 384 Danno is the highest ranked, daughter-proven bull in the Netherlands and Flanders. With 2000 productive daughters, he delivers reliability that is as high as his scores.  He scores +8% for Better Life Health and +9% for Better Life Efficiency. Danno progeny are stayers and prolific producers of milk, and fat and protein in abundance. One aspect to take into account is his milking speed. CRV therefore advises mainly using Danno on easy milkers. Danno daughters are remarkable for their ability to realise high production with ease. Very few Danno daughters suffer from ketosis, and they score high for udder health. Their amazing legs also stand out. At 107, claw health is very good and they note an excellent score of 115 for locomotion. With his wonderful looking, healthy and efficient daughters Danno is the proud flagship of CRV.
Foto 1. Header Danno-nrm2017-500
Watch the video of Danno’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Delta G-Force
His oldest daughters are fourth lactation, and he now numbers more than 10,000 productive daughters. G-Force daughters are already productive as heifers, but the subsequent progress they make is truly remarkable The G-Force daughters at the NRM give on average 11,000 kilos of milk with 4.45% fat and 3.62% protein (lactation value 111). Despite high production capacity, G-Force daughters have good fertility and very few problems with ketosis or claw disorders. G-Force really enhances leg quality. He convincingly improves the rear view and locomotion without straightening the leg line. G-Force  scores +13% for Better Life Efficiency. So, he will increase your milk production and you can reduce the number of young stock.

Dochtergroep Delta G-ForceCRV-Event 2016 te Zwolle
Watch the video of -G-Force’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Batenburg G. Stellando
Red factor bull Stellando already has 11,000 daughters in milk and more than 500 classified daughters. The animals in the daughter group at the NRM produce on average 11,288 kilos of milk with 4.26% fat and 3.56% protein (lactation value 113). They note scores of 86 for udders, 85 for feet and legs and 86 for overall conformation.
Stellando’s score of 104 for fertility, high milk components and high leg score combined with great longevity forms the foundation of his popularity. Stellando breeds cows with a modest stature, a wide chest width and good length in the frame. They have enough power to do excellent work. With Stellando, you breed efficient, fertile cows with high components who can achieve production with ease.
Foto 5. Dochtergroep Stellando-nrm2017-500
Watch the video of Stellando’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Cookiecutter MOM Hunter
Cookiecutter MOM Hunter is beloved for his international pedigree line from a reputed cow family. Hunter daughters are typical dairy type cows with +929 kg milk and neutral components. They are well developed, have plenty of content and angularity. They have a harmonious build with nicely shaped udders: high rear udder placement, a strong suspensory ligament and correct teat placement. In spite of their solid production, Hunter daughters maintain enough condition, scoring notably favourably for claw health and ketosis. At the NRM, Hunter shows how his third calf daughters develop into lovely milkers with great capacity, strong frames and wide, sloping rumps. Hunter breeds a very complete package and his daughters are beauties to behold.

Foto 7. Dochtergroep Hunter-nrm2017-500

Watch the video of Hunter’s daughter group at the NRM here.

Theme group embryo donors
CRV’s breeding programme stands for quality, reliability and diversity. Better Cows, Better Life! At the NRM this translates in an outstanding theme group: a delegation currently being used as bull dams. This Delta -donor group gives you a unique insight in CRV’s innovative and progressive breeding programme. CRV’s aim is to make the very best bulls available for its members and clients to enable them to continue to improve and optimise their herds within the framework of their own breeding goals. To accomplish this, CRV only uses animals with a very high genetic predisposition. A description of all the cows in this group was published prior to the NRM.

Foto 8. Themagroep Embryo donoren-nrm2017-500
Watch the video of the theme group embryo donors at the NRM here.


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