Efficiency and easy management in a single package

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Efficient milking with easy-to-manage cows fits perfectly with these times when it is essential to maximize all the production factors on the farm. Breeding is the basis for results. The index run of August 2015 offers farmers new bulls to build an excellent position.

It is not surprising that bulls like G-Force (Better Life Efficiency +10%) and Atlantic (Better Life Health + 10%) are so much in demand. Farmers wish to breed a herd that produces efficiently and is easy to manage. In this respect, it is good news that the range is becoming increasingly stronger, with a wider choice of bloodlines. A characteristic of the strong range relating to health is that all the bulls in this press release have an udder health score of 104 or higher. They are also all free of the recently discovered genetic disorder CDH (Cholesterol Deficit Haplotype).


Strong and wide portfolio black-and-white

Wd Reminder is one of CRV’s highest ranking NVI bulls. He is the ideal bull for breeding an efficient, easy-to-manage herd. His extremely high score for udder health is remarkable(119). Moreover, this udder specialist (112) passes on good fertility (104) and very efficient milk production. His scores for Better Life Efficiency and Better Life Health are very high at +9% and +8%.  A winning combination.



Ms Riverboy is an absolute top bull for efficiency (+11%). With + 99 kg of fat and protein and very high longevity (+ 722 days) he is ideal for breeding a trouble-free herd capable of high lifetime productions. Just like Reminder, Riverboy is an udder specialist (110) with superb udder health (115).



plaatje-DailyDelta Daily is a fantastic bull for breeding efficient and easy to manage cows. He passes on huge volumes of milk (+1310 kg) and kilos of fat and protein (+105 kg). His breeding values for health are impressively high for udders (111), claws (105) and calving ease (104). Matched with outstanding fertility (103), Daily is an unmissable bull.


plaatje-Elate pCapnation Elate P excels in udder health (112) and ease of calving (108). His daughters give long (+628 days) and problem-free production, with extremely high efficiency (+9%). Elate P is a bull who passes on polled traits, and thanks to his very high score for calving ease (108) is an ideal choice for use on maiden heifers.



plaatje-TitaniumThe daughters of black-and-white Delta Titanium are coming into milk production and confirming his qualities. They are extremely healthy (+9%) and produce exceptionally efficiently (+7%). Titanium passes on good milking speed to his daughters (109). They have excellent feet and legs (107) with strikingly healthy claws (114). These traits make Titanium one of the most complete daughter tested sires currently available.



High lifetime production for red-and-white
plaatje-tempestCRV bull Oldi Tempest gives a boost to red-and-white herds through his excellent content scores (+0.09% fat and +0.09% protein). And this milk will be produced from outstanding udders (109). Tempest also passes on great udder health (104) and claw health (103), so his daughters represent long (+554 days) and problem-free production.



plaatje-samFarmers can expect plenty of enjoyment from daughter tested Molenkamp Sam. The combination of excellent longevity (+448 days), good milk production (+743 kg milk) and fantastic udder health (111) adds up to a bull you can’t afford to overlook. His daughters have excellent legs and feet (107) and are efficient producers (+8%).



plaatje-aramDe Vrendt Aram has been awarded his first daughter breeding values and the figures are amazing. Aram daughters have very good conformation (108) with an attractive appearance (109) and  good udders (108). They are also fertile (105) with very healthy claws (109). They produce fat-rich milk (+0.23%) and will take the level of health in the herd to a higher dimension (+8%).



Dirk boosts MRIJ selection
plaatje-dirkIn the MRIJ segment, Vinkenhof 69 Dirk is performing well in the index run. This bull passes on a combination of excellent contents (+0.32% fat and + 0.13% protein), very high longevity (+339 days) and fantastic udder health (109) to his daughters.