Efficient and trouble-free milking with new top sires

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The December 2015 index run presents world class bulls to breed an efficient herd that is also supremely easy to manage. International top bull Bouw Finder, with high scores on all fronts, joins the offering of CRV. This bull is certain to have a far-reaching influence within the breeding programmes.

Tabel-eng-index-dec-2015The new top-ranking bull for black-and-white is Bouw Finder (Balisto x Epic). Meriting 376 NVI, this InSire bull rises far above the rest thanks to his excellent performance on all fronts.
To start with, Finder passes on fantastic longevity (+945 days). In practice, this means that on average his daughters can produce milk for no less than a year and four months longer compared with ´average´ dairy cattle. As Finder also gives his daughters high milk production, he boosts herd efficiency (+9%). Finder daughters will have no trouble with this production (+9% Better Life Health). This is partly thanks to the very high scores for udder health (113), claw health (104) and calving ease (108). Finder is moreover an udder specialist (111) and with 111 points for total conformation, he is justifiably a bull with a dependably good score for all relevant traits.
CRV expects huge demand for semen from Finder. Semen production from this still young bull has just started, so he cannot as yet be immediately included in the range of bulls on offer. CRV will phase in the availability of his semen gradually in the coming three months, as soon as stocks of semen permit.

Another top class Balisto son is Delta Galore (Balisto x Gravity, 303 NVI). This black-and-white InSire bull can perform particularly well in the areas of milk production and udder improvement in the herd. Galore daughters inherit substantial milk production (+1508 kg) with stable content counts. This results in no less than € 304 Inet and +118 kg fat and protein. This milk production coupled with longevity of +744 days means that Galore daughters are capable of long and highly efficient lifetime production (+12%). Descendants of Galore will also feature outstanding (110), healthy (107) udders that are high and firmly attached. With a calving ease of 106 he is an ideal partner for maiden heifers.

Veneriete Ibiza (Sundance x Bookem, 311 NVI). Just like Bouw Finder, Ibiza is a giant when it comes to longevity, with a score of +997 days. Ibiza scores high for health (Better Life Health +7%). He thanks these high marks for aspects including a very high inheritance for udder health (+115). He is also a high scorer for calving ease (105), which makes him a great choice for use on maiden heifers. The amazing production traits and longevity passed on by Ibiza result in daughters that will provide extremely efficient production (+13%).


Norbert and Passe strengthen red-and-white

In the red-and-white charts, Delta Norbert (Bookmark x Stellando, 278 NVI) takes second place. Norbert is an InSire bull with high scores all round. He will give a significant impulse to the efficiency of the herd (+15%) by passing on excellent milk production (+1234 kg) combined with very high longevity (+734 days).
Norbert daughters are expected to be able to achieve this production with ease, in view of his high score for Better Life Health (+7%). He thanks his high score to traits including the outstanding inheritance of udder health (107), fertility (103) and  claw health (103).

Bruchter Passe (Kylian x Mr Burns, 200 NVI) is a new red-and-white daughter-tested bull who has entered the ranks with a high score. Passe is a bull for farmers who like well-built, productive cows. Passe daughters stand out for their very good conformation (111) and fantastic legs (112), which they use very well. Passe also gives daughters that will contribute well to the milk tank (+930 kg), in a highly efficient way (+10%).
At +431 days, the longevity of Passe daughters is excellent, giving them the ability for high lifetime production. On 12 December, CRV will display the wonderful conformation of Passe to the audience of breeders at the Holland Holstein Show (HHH) in Zwolle.

Note: The Better Life Efficiency breeding figure has been improved. Commencing with the December index run, the breeding value for the age at calving of heifers will be included in the calculation. A shorter breeding period translates to higher efficiency. Bulls that give a favourable age at calving will therefore score higher. In addition, CRV will also include new, recent feed intake data. This will increase the accuracy of the calculation of the feed intake breeding value.