End of career for Delta Paramount

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After a term of service that lasted almost ten years and production in excess of 1.4 million doses of semen,  an end has come to the AI-career of Delta Paramount.  He also holds the absolute record at CRV for the highest number of doses of SiryX (sexed semen) that have been sold, namely 136,575 doses.

Delta Paramount – who has just reached the age of 14 – is CRV’s latest millionaire. He achieved this status in autumn 2011 and joined the ranks of other illustrious names such as Sunny Boy, Celsius, Lord Lily, Olympic and Kian. In his active career, this Jocko Besne son produced more than 1.3 million doses of conventional semen, as well as a record breaking number of 136,575 doses of SiryX (sexed semen).

Many dairy farmers know and value Delta Paramount for his transmission of outstanding milk production, strong legs and excellent udders. His daughters are characterised by long, trouble-free production. Five daughters that originate from his early days as a test sire, are even known to have produced more than 100,000 kg of milk. This is an extraordinary high number, considering the limited amount of offspring a bull can get from the testing period.

Paramount enjoyed immense national and international popularity. One example is Brazil, where Paramount was not only extensively used within the Holstein breed, but also within the tropical dairy breed Gir.


See Paramount again

There is still an opportunity to see Paramount one more time. Watch the film that CRV made four years ago about Delta Paramount, when he broke the barrier of one million produced doses of semen. Enclosed with this press release is also a photo of Paramount, at that moment aged nine and a half.