Firm foundations for efficient farming

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The Interbull run shows that CRV’s new bulls excel in protein and health traits. With high scores for these traits, bulls like Silver, Refiner and Summit lay the foundations for an efficient herd. A herd of animals that is capable of reaching high lifetime production all on their own.

Efficiency. That is also the key word with genomic bull Delta Solero. His huge NVI (+250) is largely due to an excellent milk yield (+682 kg) with the added benefit of a high protein content (+0.08%). Together with his towering longevity (+703 days) and strong management traits (108 milking speed, 106 udder health) he will breed self-reliant, easy to manage cows.

The same applies to Delta Joaquim (+229 NVI, s. Cricket). He has positive scores on udder health (+107) and fertility (+102). On top of that, his conformation is exceptionally strong (111), including a sublime udder score (112).

Mascol sons rank highly

Cows that require no extra care and attention. This is the type of cow that allows you to run your farm efficiently. And those are precisely the kind of cows Het Broek Silver (+215 NVI) breeds. Silver is CRV’s highest newcomer on the black-and-white daughter proven list. He combines a high milk yield (+1309 kg) with great longevity (+640 days), and is suitable for use on maiden heifers (111 calving ease).

A second Mascol son is De Biesheuvel Summit (+189 NVI). Summit is an all-round bull who transmits a lot of milk (+1211 kg) and protein (+0.13%), strong conformation (108) and high longevity (+391 days).

Ideal production transmitters

Mascol son Delta Persuader (+234 NVI) is CRV’s highest ranked black-and-white daughter proven bull. He has a production inheritance of 800 kg milk with +0.05% protein, +536 days longevity and good management traits (102 fertility, 107 udder health) and all-round conformation (107). This makes him a shining example of CRV’s breeding goal of high and efficient lifetime production.

Slotbooms Pilot (+203 NVI) is the next Mascol son. He smashes the 200-point NVI barrier as he rises in longevity (currently 350 days), fertility (currently 101) and conformation (106 feet and legs, 111 total).

Manager son Delta Refiner (+219 NVI) descends from the famous Art-Acres Tex B family that has already produced bulls like Paramount and Win 395. Refiner climbed in the previous index run, but now he has improved his figures even more. His management traits are strong right down the line, including 107 udder health, 107 claw health and 108 calving ease. On top of that he notes a fantastic conformation score (111) with a truly outstanding udder score (110). This same applies to Zani Bolton Leroy (2019 TPI) who was awarded a US breeding value of 3.29 rear udder height and 3.07 rear udder width. He is also a real milk transmitter with +2062 lbs.

Efficient top notch performance with red-and-white

There are no weak points in the transmission pattern of red-and-white genomics bull De Vrendt Aram (+242 NVI). A high milk yield (+649 kg), good longevity (+584 days), great udder health and strong conformation, he has it all. And as an added bonus, he has an interesting pedigree with Award x Fiction.

In the list of daughter proven bulls, Ju Tobias is CRV’s highest ranked bull with +187 NVI. This Lionel son out of a Kian daughter transmits a high milk yield (+906 kg) and very good conformation (112), which he already displayed with his daughter group at the All-Holland Dairy Show in June. With 111 calving ease he is very suitable for use on maiden heifers.

The captain of this ranking is Topspeed Kodak (+217 NVI, Kevin x Stadel). He retains the pole position he acquired in the April 2012 index run. With his consistent scores, where he excels in longevity (696 days) and calving ease (112), he is an animal of outstanding quality.