Firm foundations for efficient farming

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The Interbull run shows that CRV’s new bulls excel in protein and health traits. With high scores for these traits, bulls like Silver, Refiner and Summit lay the foundations for an efficient herd. A herd of animals that is capable of reaching high lifetime production all on their own.


That is also the key word with genomic bull Delta Solero. His huge NVI (+250) is largely due to an excellent milk yield (+682 kg) with the added benefit of a high protein content (+0.08%). Together with his towering longevity (+703 days) and strong management traits (108 milking speed, 106 udder health) he will breed self-reliant, easy to manage cows. The same applies to Delta Joaquim (+229 NVI, s. Cricket). He has positive scores on udder health (+107) and fertility (+102). On top of that, his conformation is exceptionally strong (111), including a sublime udder score (112).

Mascol sons rank highly

Cows that require no extra care and attention. This is the type of cow that allows you to run your farm efficiently. And those are precisely the kind of cows Het Broek Silver (+215 NVI) breeds. Silver is CRV’s highest newcomer on the black-and-white daughter proven list. He combines a high milk yield (+1309 kg) with great longevity (+640 days), and is suitable for use on maiden heifers (111 calving ease). A second Mascol son is De Biesheuvel Summit (+189 NVI). Summit is an all-round bull who transmits a lot of milk (+1211 kg) and protein (+0.13%), strong conformation (108) and high longevity (+391 days).