Fleckvieh bulls deliver high levels of health and efficiency

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Haribodaughter Angelika

A healthy herd makes a farmer’s life more pleasurable and profitable. April’s index run shows that a consistent breeding strategy certainly delivers the desired results. CRV has an interesting portfolio of Fleckvieh bulls that contribute to a healthy and efficient herd.


Young bulls, healthy fitness and efficient production

Helsinki (Herzschlag x Watt) is an extremely efficient bull with a TMI of 139, combined with plenty of milk production (+1373 kg) and great beef index(112). His daughters have good udders (117) and calve easily. If the focus is on health, look no further than Hindu (Hendorf x Mint) with his high quality health traits such as udder health (116), fertility (122) and longevity (131). The most efficient bull is Rolls (Walk x Waldbrand). Rolls’ daughters are very productive (+1221 kg), with a long productive life and score well on important health traits such as udder health (118) and persistency (128). The scores for all his breeding values have improved, placing him firmly among the favourites.

index run Helsinki


Haribo maintains his ranking

Haribo (Hutera x Rurex) has maintained his ranking among the daughter proven bulls. The second breeding value estimation, based on his daughters, shows that he transmits good milk production (+1154 kg) and persistency (113). Haribo is an excellent choice for use on maiden heifers (119). Daughter proven bulls Wobbler, Mint, Raldi and Remmel continue to show their high level of quality.


Promising new daughter proven bull

Ducatie (Dell x Wille) is a newcomer and makes his mark thanks to the good udder score (128 udder health). This A2A2 bull is also solid for milk (+791 kg) and components (+0.05% protein).

To sum it up, this index run shows how CRV helps farmers breed a herd with better health, longevity and efficiency.