Fleckvieh bulls show their power to support efficient and easy milk production

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Renaldi (v.Wobbler) eig: Josef Kaiser, Traunstein

The economic situation in the dairy industry demands bulls that support production efficiency and strengthen the health of the herd. Bulls like Walk, Epinal, Wobbler and Raldi set the standard in this field and give farmers what they need to breed a profitable herd with cows that are easy to manage.

Efficiency boost

The number one available Fleckvieh bull is Walk (Watt x Reumut, 147 gGZW). This InSire Top Bull from CRV is the absolute champion for production efficiency (+14%) and a real udder specialist (124). On top of this great package he has fantastic scores for fitness traits (FIT 124 and Better Life Health +9%) and longevity (135). Thanks to this combination, daughters of Walk will be capable of very high lifetime productions and will be a pleasure to work with.

Epinal (Everest x Sampro, 135 gGZW) is another high ranking InSire Top Bull that transmits lots of milk (+1413 kg) with great efficiency (+9%) and excellent conformation. Epinal daughters will be cows with very good muscularity, udders and feet and legs.


Profitable and easy to work with

Daughters descended from Wobbler (Watnox x Mandela, 135 gGZW) are great producers. This explains why Wobbler’s breeding value for milk production has jumped from +869 kg to +1,128 kg in the August index run. The efficiency of milk production is also good (+8%). Wobbler breeds cows with mid-sized frames, good udders (107) and good feet and legs (106) with every strong claws. Scoring +7% for health, the cows are easy to manage.

Daughters of Raldi (Rau x Poldi,129 gGZW) progress greatly in milk production as they grow older. Daughters in the second lactation produce on average +1315 kg of milk compared with the first lactation. Raldi daughters also stand out for their very high longevity (125) and excellent type with fantastic udders (124). Rating scores of +8% for efficiency and +8% for health, Raldi is a bull that makes an unmissable contribution to modern Fleckvieh herds.

Barke (s. Raldi)

Barke (s. Raldi)