Fleckvieh genetics boost efficiency and easy herd management

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Jona (s. Raldi)

Fleckvieh bulls from CRV are perfect for breeding for a herd that produces efficiently and is easy to manage. The August 2015 index run offers genetics for modern dairy farmers looking to build an excellent position at a time when it is important to maximise the return on investment.

Breeding a herd that produces efficiently and is easy to manage meets the demands of the times, but it also represents a huge challenge for farmers. In this respect, it is good news that CRV is offering a growing range of bulls that can deliver this combination.

Genomic tested bulls boost herd efficiency
Houdini (Hutera x Rurex, 132 gGZW) is a genomic tested sire with an interesting bloodline. Houdini comes from a cow family with high lifetime productions and is a top bull for efficient milk production (+8% Better Life Efficiency). He passes on very good production and fitness traits with scores including 117 for longevity, 103 for fertility and + 4% for Better life Health.

Monty Pp (Mungo Pp x Vanstein, 130 gGZW) is a high ranking genomic tested bull that passes on polled traits. He is an absolute top bull for efficiency (+9%) and also has a fantastic daughter fertility score (112). Monty daughters will be productive (+712 kg milk) cows which will achieve high lifetime productions combined with a very high score for longevity (121).

Daughter proven bulls with complete package
The daughters of Raldi (Rau x Poldi, gGZW 132) really prove his qualities. He is a star performer for both health (+9%) and efficiency (+8%). Raldi scores extremely high for udder health (123), fertility (108) and longevity (125). His daughters have very good conformation with exceptionally good udders (124). This winning combination makes Raldi a bull farmers can’t afford to overlook.

Gusta Pp (v:Mungo Pp)

Gusta Pp (s. Mungo Pp)

Mungo Pp (Manitoba x Pontius Pp, 119 gGZW) is one the best daughter proven polled Fleckvieh bulls. His daughters are productive (+846 kg milk), efficient (+6%) and easy to manage (+6%). They have excellent feet and legs (113) and good udders with great udder health (111).
Mungo also scores very high for daughter fertility (112). In summary, he is a complete all-rounder that will fit perfectly in many modern dairy herds.