Fleckvieh heads the rankings and confirms genomics

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Varta daughter Cascade fleckvieh
Varta daughter Cascade

CRV aims to contribute to a future-proof and sustainable dairy sector by helping farmers to breed healthy and efficient cows with CRV Fleckvieh. The results are a better life for the animals, added value for the farmers and respect for our environment. We are proud of our bulls, but above all proud of the farmers!

Former genomic bulls prove their worth

The highest ranking newcomer in this index run is the new number one, daughter proven Fleckvieh bull Varta. He was sired by Valeur, and his dam is a product of a Vogt x Winnipeg match. With +6% Better Life Efficiency and +5% Better Life Health he perfectly fits the breeding goal of CRV. Varta daughters are top producers (+853 kg) with a positive protein percentage (+0.03%). A remarkable feature is his unmistakable dual-purpose profile that he combines with positive health traits. Varta descendants have an average stature with good muscularity (+106) and beef (+118) and good udders (+117). This makes him absolutely perfect for the first generation cross in the CrossFit concept as well as for purebred Fleckvieh purposes.

Following closely on his heels in second place is the daughter proven bull Walk (Watt x Reumut x Mado) with a four-point increase in the total merit index (+136) and three points for fitness (+124). These scores support the breeding values in the August index run. With +8% for Better Life Efficiency and +6% for Better Life Health, Walk offers a nicely balanced transmission ability. His daughters have good muscularity (+117) and score high for beef (+117). He is a prime example of a dual-purpose bull that is also highly suitable for crossbreeding.

Efficiency stars

Rolls (Walk x Waldbrand x Vanstein) is an efficient bull par excellence (+11%). Rolls breeds highly productive cows (+981 kg) with great longevity (+122). Like father, like son – just like his sire Walk, Rolls excels in traits such as udder health (+112), persistency (+127) and calving ease (+116). The udders of Rolls daughters are noteworthy for their firm attachment with good teat placement. He is also an ideal maiden heifer bull.


Hindu (Hendorf x Mint x Manigo) confirms his total breeding value TMI (+134) and has shown progression in his scores for production and fitness breeding values. With +10% for Better Life Efficiency and + 9% for Better Life Health, Hindu is the highest ranking Fleckvieh bull in CRV’s portfolio. Hindu is sure to satisfy everyone with the conformation his daughters inherit. They develop into cows with an average stature and combine this with healthy, well-formed udders and excellent feet and legs. Thanks to this package of traits, Hindu can be widely used in Fleckvieh breeding.

World class genomic bulls

Wüstensohn is in the leading field of genomic bulls as the best newcomer. This Worldcup son out of a Raldi daughter is a balanced bull with high milk production. His great efficiency (+9%) is reflected in high scores for milk (+128), beef (+112) and super longevity (+116). His daughters are healthy (+7% Better Life Health) thanks to incredibly healthy udders (+124) with a low somatic cell count (+125). His passes on above average conformation, while the score for udders at +121 is nothing short of excellent.

The second Worldcup son Westwind descends from an Epinal daughter. Westwind is also an all-round bull with impressive milk production (+744 kg) and positive milk components (+0.16% fat and +0.11% protein). His fitness (+119) is excellent with underlying traits that all score above average. He produces attractive daughters with good dairy strength (+120), strong muscularity (+110), powerful legs (+110) and outstanding udders (+117). And all of this is wrapped up with wonderful efficiency (+8%) and health (+5%). This bull offers all you could wish for!


In short, it is for all the right reasons that CRV Fleckvieh bulls are number one in terms of health and efficiency!