US CRV bulls determine solid economic base

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J Mor Man O Man Honey-ET Granddam of Hotline and Harley

The basis for results in the future is determined by the choice of bulls today. The CRV line-up of bulls is ready to improve economics by boosting the production efficiency and health of the herd.

Holding the no.1 position in Italy, the no. 9 position in Canada and with 2721 TPI, Peak Hotline-ET (Hotrod x Mogul,) is an internationally high ranking bull from CRV. Hotline transmits excellent type (3.1 PTAT) with great udders (2.75) and feet and legs (2.29). His daughters will have excellent milk production (+1312 lbs) with high components (+0.16% fat and +0.06% protein), produced with great efficiency (+6%) and from udders with excellent health (109).

Scoring +12% Peak Everest-ET (Yoder x Massey, 2684 TPI) is a champion for production efficiency. This great efficiency score is mainly thanks to his extremely good milk inheritance (+1560 lbs) combined with a high score for productive life (6.2 PL). Daughters of Everest will also produce milk with high components (+ 0.11% fat and +0.02% protein). With 2.33 PTAT, Everest sires great type with excellent feet and legs (2.37 FLC) and very good udders (1.88).

Nordic Ridge Massey Summit s. Massey Dam of Everest

Nordic Ridge Massey Summit, dam of Everest

Col Crusoe (Supershot x Headliner, 2653 TPI) is one of the leading bulls for efficient milk production (+10%). His daughters will produce lots of milk (+1381 lbs) with high components (+0.09%fat and +0.05% protein). Crusoe improves the herd health with a score for Better Life Health of +7%. He transmits great hoof health (104), very good fertility (DPR 3.2) and reduces the frequency of ketosis (106).

Col Crusoe

Col Crusoe

Peak Finn (Supershot x McCutchen, 2,651 TPI) is another son of Supershot gaining super scores for efficiency (+9%) as well as health (+8%). His amazing score for productive life (7.7 PL) together with a very good production index ensures that Finn daughters will achieve high lifetime productions. They will also be easy to manage, with very good fertility (2.6 DPR) and great udder health (109).

The star for efficiency (+13%) is No Fla Novel (Altaspring x Supersire, 2587 TPI). Novel daughters will be very productive (+2,007 lbs) and healthy (+6%) cows, with great hoof health and low susceptibility for ketosis (107).

With over 12,000 daughters in production, Delta G-Force (Man O Man x Jordan, 2380 TPI) still maintains a strong position in the international top-100 TPI list. The efficiency score of
G-Force daughters has improved to an impressive +11%. They have outstanding milk production with high components (+0.13% fat and +0.10% protein).

Dochtergroep Delta G-Force CRV-Event 2016 te Zwolle

Progeny group of Delta G-Force

Delta Webmail (Whatsapp x Rozello, 2,437 TPI) is a high ranking and very attractive red-and-white bull. Webmail inherits great fertility (3.0 DPR) and very good udder health (106). His daughters will be well-built (1.80 PTAT) with very good udders (1.91) and feet and legs (1.75 FLC). Scoring +6% for health, they will be a pleasure to work with.

Delta Webmail (Whatsapp) eig: CRV, Arnhem

Delta webmail