Great bulls for an efficient and healthy farm future

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The April index run coincides with the periodic base change. This is an occasion to celebrate because it demonstrates the great genetic progress made by breeders. CRV bulls are the driving forces behind this progress.

Genetic progress over the past five years has been particularly noticeable in production capacity. For example, Black & Whites are now producing an extra 260 kg milk and 18 kg fat and protein. Red & Whites are producing an extra 236 kg milk and 16 kg fat and protein. Good news for breeders who aim for strong economic results.
In this index run the general type characteristics for conformation were calculated directly from the linear traits for the first time. In the new rankings CRV bulls also prove that they are better placed than any others to produce an efficient, healthy herd.

Bull sires in demand internationally for efficiency and longevity
Three bull sires that are in demand internationally are Delta Regard, Ms Riverboy and Peak Jerod Abel 787. CRV makes full use of these bulls by placing embryos with Delta satellite companies.

navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-RegardDelta Regard is an InSire Top Bull that passes on very high milk inheritance (+1640 kg) and kilograms of fat and protein to its progeny (+89 kg). At +833 days, Regard’s score for longevity is also excellent. Combined with his production figures, he delivers towering efficiency of +11%. The health of the herd is also making great progress (+7%). Udder health (107) and claw health (105) are clearly reaching a new level.



navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-Ms RiverboyMs Riverboy is another absolutely top bull for farmers wanting to breed lots of kilograms of fat and protein (+96 kg) and high longevity (+721 days) into the herd very efficiently (+11%). Riverboy is an udder specialist par excellence with a score of 110 for general type characteristics and an extremely high udder health score (115).



navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-AbelPeak Jerod Abel 787 is an InSire Top Bull that passes on high contents to its progeny (+0.37% fat and +0.09% protein). He also achieves longevity of +628 days and, as a result, very high efficiency (+9%). Jerod is also a hot tip for herd health (+7%), delivering particularly high scores for udder health (108) and fertility (105).



Daughters prove the quality of Stellando
navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-stellandoWith Batenburg G. Stellando RF daughters, dairy farmers can produce very high levels of fat and protein (+106 kg). This red factor Fidelity son was already very popular as an InSire Top Bull. His daughters make his scores more than worthwhile, with excellent milk production and positive contents. Stellando daughters also have fantastic legs (114) with very good, healthy claws (108).




High lifetime yields with Chestnut, Percher and Ajax
navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-chestnutFor efficient milk production, Delta Chestnut is the perfect choice. With a milk inheritance of + 2065 kg and +96 kg fat and protein, he scores very highly. This milk will also be produced very efficiently (+11%): besides his production scores this also stems from his excellent longevity inheritance (+705 days). Chestnut passes on excellent (108), healthy udders (106). All in all, Chestnut daughters have everything they need to achieve high, efficient lifetime production.


navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-PercherPeeldijker Percher is another bull that passes on very good udders (112) and extremely high udder health (111). His milk inheritance (+644 kg) is excellent, and with his very high score for longevity (+773 days), his daughters will go on producing efficiently (+6%) for a long time.



navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-AjaxWillem’s Hoeve R Ajax is a bull that passes on impressive milk production (+1257 kg) and a lot of kilograms of fat and protein (+97 kg). So at €313 his economic index (Inet) for milk production is one of the highest of any daughter-tested Holstein bulls. Ajax daughters are fertile (102), and he scores extremely well for claw health (111). All in all, Ajax is an excellent basis for a productive, easy-to-manage herd.




Red-and-white bulls strong in economic and healthy production
navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-RiantBronkhorster Riant is a bull that combines very good production (+669 kg milk) with high contents (+0.13% fat and +0.13% protein) and very high longevity (+627 days). He therefore gives herd efficiency a massive boost (+6%). Economically speaking, a very attractive bull with excellent scores of +76 kg fat and protein.
With excellent udder health (103) and very good claw health (106), Riant also takes herd health to the next level (+4%).


navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-palomaDelta Paloma is an efficient (+5%) content inheritor (+0.16% fat and +0.14% protein). In addition, Paloma passes on very good conformation (108) and udders (110).
With high scores for udder health (104) and claw health (105), Paloma makes a sound contribution to herd health (+4%). He is a top bull on many fronts, and rightly so.


navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-fantasyDe Vlottenburg Fantasy is the highest available daughter tested bull from CRV. He is also one of the highest scoring bulls for health (+6%) and daughter fertility (104). Fantasy daughters produce a lot of milk (+902 kg) from healthy udders (105). And with scores of 102 for claw health and 104 for easy calving, Fantasy is an excellent utility bull in every respect.


navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-africaSchreur Africa is a true champion when it comes to efficient milk production (+8 %). Not least because his daughters produce high contents (+0.25% fat and +0.05% protein) using relatively little feed. Africa daughters have excellent longevity (+488 days) and produce problem-free. His daughters are healthy (+5%) and have very healthy claws (112) and udders (104). Calves from Africa are born very easily (107).


New number one at MRIJ
navigator-press-eng-int-pxlr-rivaalRivaal is the new number one at MRIJ. He passes on excellent milk production (+396 kg milk) and substantially increases herd efficiency (+7%). With their high longevity (+393 days), Rivaal daughters are able to achieve high lifetime yields and have very healthy udders (106). Rival is not suitable for maiden heifers because he produces heavy calves.