Healthy cows with high components

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Maikodaughter Erie 54, owner Melkveebedrijf de Kwadenkamp, Terwolde, The Netherlands

A healthy herd makes a farmer’s life more pleasurable and profitable. April’s index run shows that a consistent breeding strategy certainly delivers the desired results. The bulls from CRV stand out for their all-round profile. They score exceptionally well for traits such as ‘premium milk’, udder and hoof health and daughter fertility. CRV offers an interesting portfolio of bulls that contribute to a healthy and efficient herd.

Premium milk from healthy cows

Delta Bonjour (Sidekick x Guard) is the highest ranked bull available. He is an absolute health superstar, as demonstrated by his high score for Better Life Health (+12%) and daughter fertility (112). His daughters will produce a lot of milk (+1284 kg) with good components. With Delta Builder P CRV also offers a heterozygote polled bull who transmits an impressive milk production (+1.428 kg) and outstanding components (+0.35% fat and +0.17% protein). The red-and-white specialist for legs (109) and hoof health (108) Delta Listrotto Red (Rody x Maestro rf) also brings a new pedigree and milk that is rich in components (+0.08% fat and +0.22% protein).

Striking index for the Bouw dynasty

Offspring of the Bouw Femmy dynasty delivered a striking index this time. These bulls all score well on health traits. In the top of daughter proven bulls, Bouw Rocky maintained his pole position and is the undisputed number one for longevity (+1111 days). Bouw Final has climbed the charts with his most striking features being his inheritance pattern for conformation (112) and legs (113) with good hoof health (107). The first early performances of his daughters take Bouw Finder to 291 NVI for the time being, with a particular focus on the scores for the good feet and legs and daughter fertility (106).

Grant D Fientje (Finder); owner: Melkveehouderij van Gastel, The Netherlands

Good all-rounder thanks to balanced profile

Double W Ranger is by far the most widely used CRV bull in the Netherlands and Flanders. His fabulous scores and leading position in this index run are proof of his popularity. The balanced profile with a high score for conformation (117), super udders (115) and feet and legs (112) make him a great bull for all-round use. Delta Jacuzzi Red still tops the red-and-white charts. Jacuzzi daughters excel at efficiently converting feed into milk (Better Life Efficiency +21%). A notable feature is their inherent ease of production, giving lots of milk with high components (€610 Inet). Jacuzzi also ranks extremely high on the black-and-white base, making him a bull suitable for use in both B&W and R&W populations.


Cows from the Dutch MRIJ are robust, fertile animals that give milk with a high percentage of protein. This dual purpose breed produces good beef, and also has outstanding scores for efficiency, health and rich milk. Heading the list for MRIJ is Vinkenhof 69 Dirk (Buster x Daniël) with a ranking of 174 NVI. His daughters offer high components (+0.17% fat and +0.11% protein) and great longevity (+564 days). They also have strikingly good udders (106) and legs (104).
The solid all-round bull Bernard (Baltimore x Marietje’s Manuel) has boosted his scores (+26, currently 134 NVI) and offers an attractive MRIJ profile, high components, premium milk and good udders.

Carolien 37 (Dirk); owner: Mts.H.J.+A.J. ten Damme, The Netherlands

To sum it up, this index run shows how CRV helps farmers breed a herd with better health, longevity and efficiency.