Breeding goals

Standard breeding goals

In every version of SireMatch the user can use one of the six standard breeding goals. Naturally it is possible to make a customised breeding goal. Five traits that require attention can be added and the program will take extra care to improve these traits. So corrective mating is made easy!

The all-round breeding goal is focussed on breeding a durable, healthy and productive cow. Production and conformation are given equal weighting.

The breeding goal ‘production’ emphasises production traits like milk, fat content and protein content. Conformation and health traits are weighed equally.

Functional type
Functional type puts extra emphasises on the functional conformation traits like udder and feet and legs. A functional cow is a durable problem-free cow.

Show type
The breeding goal ‘show type’ focuses strongly on conformation, particularly frame and udder.

Longevity & health
This breeding goal emphasises longevity and health traits like fertility, udder health and the hoof health index. Within the conformation block, feet and legs and udder are important.

Pasture based
The pasture-based breeding goal is suitable for seasonal grazing systems or herds that want problem- free cows with good fertility. Durability and health are the main focus, as well as components. Fertility is given a lot of emphasis.