Increasing the effectiveness of the total herd on a dairy farm is a major challenge for dairy farmers worldwide. Fertility results play an important role in this. But where other heat detection systems only count steps, Ovalert goes further.

Besides detecting heat expression, Ovalert is able to automatically pick up signals that tell you about each animal’s health and well-being. Many behavior patterns that could indicate that there is something wrong with an animal are being automatically displayed and visualized via the Ovalert system with integrated health monitoring.

Smarttag leg with standing and lying monitoringProduct-52

The Smarttag Leg measures the behavior of the cow, like:

  • the time a cow spends standing still per day
  • the time a cow spends lying per day
  • the time a cow spends walking per day
  • the number of times a cow stands up per day
  • the number of steps a cow takes per day

Smarttag Neck with eating monitoringProduct-146

The Smarttag Neck measures the eating behavior of the cow, like:

  • Eating time
  • Eating moment
  • Hours of not eating

The Smarttag Neck records the time each day an animal takes in roughage or grazes. Changes in this eating behavior tell you that there is maybe something wrong with the animal and that it needs further attention.

The neck tag also enables you to keep an extra close eye on your animals during the vulnerable period around calving, when they are more susceptible to diseases due to changes in their environment, feed, energy balance and stress.


necktagSmarttag Neck with eating monitoring and cow positioningBeacon

The cow positioning system registers the position of individual animals using the Smarttag Neck. The neck tag receives signals from beacons which hang in the barn. The neck tag sends signals to the central antenna. Then the computer calculates the position of each cow with an accuracy of 1 meter. You can easily see the position on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The infographic below shows how the Ovalert system works. Click on the picture to see it in bigger size.

Ovalert, how does it work

The online system from Ovalert, called performance interface, gives you, and your employees, a quickly and clearly overview of your entire herd or individual animals. Which animals need attention? Which animals need to be inseminated today? The attentions show abnormalities in the behavior of your cows. Through a clear ‘interface’ you get all the attentions of the Smarttag Neck or Leg. The alerts are also easily shown on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In this way you get a quick overview which animals need attention from you or your employees.

Click on the pictures to see more details.

This screen shows which are in heat and have to be inseminated. The black dot shows in which stadium of heat the cow is.

heat detection - attentions

Heat detection overview

heat detection - overview

SireMatch mating advice: With SireMatch integration the system directly can give a mating advice when a cow has to be inseminated.

sirematch integration

Herd overview: the ‘herd overview’ shows how many attentions there are for the total herd, divided in heat attention alerts and heat suspicious alerts.

herd overview

Animal behaviour: This screen shows f.e. that a cow is standing/lying/eating/walking too much or too less.

health and management - animal behaviour

Animal overview shows all the details of an individual animal.

animal overview

Ovalert, the benefits