Performance interface

The online system from Ovalert, called performance interface, gives you, and your employees, a quickly and clearly overview of your entire herd or individual animals. Which animals need attention? Which animals need to be inseminated today? The attentions show abnormalities in the behavior of your cows. Through a clear ‘interface’ you get all the attentions of the Smarttag Neck or Leg. The alerts are also easily shown on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In this way you get a quick overview which animals need attention from you or your employees.

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This screen shows which are in heat and have to be inseminated. The black dot shows in which stadium of heat the cow is.

heat detection - attentions

Heat detection overview

heat detection - overview

SireMatch mating advice: With SireMatch integration the system directly can give a mating advice when a cow has to be inseminated.

sirematch integration

Herd overview: the ‘herd overview’ shows how many attentions there are for the total herd, divided in heat attention alerts and heat suspicious alerts.

herd overview

Animal behaviour: This screen shows f.e. that a cow is standing/lying/eating/walking too much or too less.

health and management - animal behaviour

Animal overview shows all the details of an individual animal.

animal overview