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Stillewagt Fidder 59, daughter of Rocky indexrun
Stillewagt Fidder 59, daughter of Rocky Owner: Melkveebedrijf van der Kolk, Dalfsen

As usual, the index run for December does not hold many surprises. Genetic progress remains the spearhead and a consistent breeding goal delivers results. This applies to adding value through high components, but equally to health and efficiency and longevity.

After this index run, CRV will continue offering its members and customers a highly interesting wide portfolio of bulls. So that farmers can look to the future with the full confidence of a healthy and efficient herd.


Bouw Rocky the undisputed number one for longevity

The names of three familiar and reliable bulls, Bouw Rocky, Delta Fun P and Delta Bookem Danno, still rank high among the daughter-proven sires. With an NVI of 302, Danno is the highest ranked, daughter-proven bull. Danno daughters achieve high production, have outstanding feet and legs and are persistent producers (longevity 612 days).
At the HHH-show, CRV will show a group of daughters by the heterozygous polled, red-and-white Fun P. He ranks high for longevity (555 days), production (€ 334 Inet) and are well balanced cows showing a lot of dairy (aAa 153624). If your dream is breeding the next supreme champion, you have to use Fun P. With more than 100 daughters in their third, or higher, lactation Bouw Rocky tops the list as the undisputed number one for longevity (1149 days). His daughters are very well balanced, strong and show a lot of strength (aAa 351426).


Breeding for ‘high components’

A consistent breeding goal focussed on components delivers results. As a farmer, you want to breed healthy, easy to manage cows that produce milk with high components. Higher percentages of components have an immediate positive effect on the milk price.
A newcomer this index run is Magister son De Leenhorst E-Profit.  E-Profit certainly does his name justice and delivers profits with a capital P in the form of phenomenal components (+0.52% fat and +0.40% protein) combined with super milk production (921 kg), show no holes in his linear traits and without exception positive health traits.
Delta Builder P also offers a heterozygous polled bull who passes on impressive milk production (1.306 kg) and outstanding components (+0.31% fat and +0.18% protein).
Horst Libero is the standard bearer for the red-and-white team. He offers an excellent conformation (108) including high components (+0.52% fat and +0.11% protein) and very decent milk production.

Marijke 3460 indexrun

Marijke 3460, daughter of Libero
Owner: AJ & BM van Dee- Voorsluis, IJzendoorn


Delta Jacuzzi-Red extreme efficiency

Delta Jacuzzi-Red still tops the charts for the red-and-white bulls. His daughters are extremely efficient (19% Better Life Efficiency) and have good udders and feet and legs. In July 2017, CRV – as the first AI organisation in the world – started to collect feed intake data on commercial dairy farms. Starting with the index run for December, CRV will include this feed intake data in the breeding value estimation.
Heading the list for the black-and-white segment, Delta Bonjour also shows great efficiency (13%) and stands out for health traits.

Delta Bonjour indexrun

Delta Bonjour
Delta Babetje indexrun

Delta Babetje, daughter of Titanium and grand dam of Bonjour
Owner: Peeters Groep LV, Geel (Belgium)

And in terms of efficiency (12%) the red-and-white, homozygote, polled bull Delta Elixer-Red certainly matches up to the competition. Elixer’s daughters will also inherit super udders and feet and legs. Whether your focus as a dairy farmer is on breeding for higher components, polled cows or feed efficiency, CRV presents another wide range of bulls that match your breeding goals.