Innovative boost for tropical dairy breeding

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CRV, Embrapa and Pfizer Animal Health join forces on genomic development in Brazil

The breeding of tropical dairy breeds will receive an innovative boost thanks to a partnership between the cattle improvement organisation CRV, Pfizer Animal Health and the Brazilian dairy cattle research center Embrapa Gado de Leite. These three parties will join forces in Brazil to develop genomic selection methods which can be used to breed Gir Leiteiro, Girolando and Guzerá cattle.

Innovative_boost_for_tropical_dairy_breeding_01The directors of Embrapa Gado de Leite, CRV Lagoa (the Brazilian branch of CRV) and Pfizer Animal Health have signed an agreement to perform research focusing on dairy cattle genomics and genetic improvement in Brazil. The national breeders’ associations for Gir Leiteiro, Girolando and Guzeráin Brazil will support this research. This collaboration will enable the genetic profiles of over 20,000 animals within these three tropical dairy breeds to be analysed.

Practical value

The three parties will create the tools, for example genomic breeding value estimation, that are necessary to identify and utilise the genetic potential of cattle for important traits such as milk production, parasite resistance, resistance to heat stress and various other economic factors. These tools will have high value benefits for dairy breeding in practice in the coming years.
As a renowned research institute, Embrapa is involved in genome sequencing and genomic selection in dairy breeds. This initiative will enhance their expertise to the advantage of the dairy sector. Dr. Duarte Vilela, head of Embrapa Gado de Leite Research Center: “By creating the conditions to attract private institutions, such as CRV Lagoa and Pfizer Animal Health, we have managed to find the best way to share the research results with the Brazilian dairy sector