Lifetime production of Dutch cows reaches new record

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Last year the lifetime production of Dutch dairy cows reached a new record: 30,999 kg of milk with 2443 kg of fat and protein. This was revealed by CRV’s annual statistics for the year 2013-2014. Every year CRV uses these statistics to inform the dairy sector about the performance of the Dutch dairy herd.

In addition to their lifetime production (appendix, table 1), the productive lifetime of Dutch cows is also on the rise. Table 3 shows that it has increased by 7 days.

The average calving interval was reduced by one day and is now 416 days.

The increase of both the lifetime production and the productive lifetime of the cows is good news for the efficiency of the herd. Older cows with a high lifetime production produce higher yields compared to the investments in terms of feed and labour made during their rearing.

Holstein performance
The appendix (table 2) shows the average production for Dutch Holstein Friesians – the main dairy breed milked by producers in the Netherlands.

Black-and-white Holsteins top the list with an average production of 9,717 kg of milk, with 4.31% fat and 3.51% protein in 356 days. They are followed by red-and white Holsteins with an average production of 8,904 kg of milk with 4.54 % fat and 3.62% protein in 349 days.