New NVI highlights quality of CRV bulls

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Big WIETSKE 95 (s. Nilson), owner VOF Knoef, Geesteren

The April 2018 index run shows that the new NVI calculations, which are a better fit with the wishes of Dutch and Flemish cattle farmers, have impacted favourably on the rankings of CRV bulls. Many bulls boast outstanding production figures, with the high components currently in great demand.

Delta Treasure (Finder x G-force, 443 NVI) tops the list of black-and-white bulls. He transmits phenomenal longevity (+1248 days). His daughters will be highly productive (+1166kg) yet require little feed for maintenance (saving on feed costs € 31 per lactation). These credentials make them very efficient (Better Life Efficiency +17%). All of this can be achieved without compromising on health traits: scoring +13% Better Life Health places Treasure among the greatest. His daughters will shine in healthier udders (udder health 117) and be exceptionally fertile (daughter fertility 108).


Efficient, healthy cows with high components

Daughters of Brakels Starman (Rafter P x Balisto, 383 NVI) will combine high milk production (+1124kg milk) with high components (+0.41% fat and +0.14% protein), super longevity (+1001 days), great udder health (114) and good claw health (107). Similar to Starman, Delta Lendor (Stu x Bube) has an outcross pedigree and is exemplary of a bull that passes on ample milk production (+958kg milk) plus high components (+0.26% fat and +0.17% protein) and scores high on udder health (113) in combination with good claw health (109).

Finder son Delta Sunfit P (Finder x Atlantic), a heterozygous polled bull, is another outstanding example of a bull that combines generous milk production (+894kg milk) with high components (+0.36% fat and +0.05% protein). His daughters can easily cope with high production in view of their great ratings for udder health (109), daughter fertility (104) and claw health (108). Delta Sunfit P is the highest ranked polled NVI bull worldwide, and with 109 points for maternal calving process is absolutely ideal for maiden heifers.

Another bull bound to appeal to many farmers is Delta Lustrum (Topgear x Let it Snow, 316 NVI). Lustrum offers a unique aAa-code (135264) and wonderful production transmission (+1208 kg milk) with high protein contents (+0.14%). He is also a great choice for legs (113 legs, 110 claw health).

Among the daughter proven bulls, one name that stands out is Stellando son L W Crescendo (298 NVI). Crescendo daughters excel in converting feed into milk efficiently (Better Life Efficiency +21%). Crescendo is one of the highest-ranking daughter proven bulls for production (+443 Inet) with a pleasing longevity figure (+585 days). Another striking daughter proven bull is G-Force son D’n Driehoek Nilson (264 NVI). Nilson can be characterised as a true component inheritor (0.35% fat and +0.25% protein) with fine daughter fertility (106) and claw health (106). He is also a good choice for maiden heifers (maternal calving process 106).

The new bull in pole position for red-and-white is Delta Jacuzzi-Red (Livington RF x Incentive RF, 456 NVI). Jaccuzzi is by far the highest scoring red-and-white bull for NVI and his qualities also rank him very favourably on a black-and-white basis. He is understandably in high demand as a bull sire in both the black-and-white and red-and-white segments. Jacuzzi pushes the boundaries in terms of kilos of fat and protein (205kg) and his daughters will be extremely efficient (Better Life Efficiency +25%) with commendable udders (111) and legs (111).

Oversticht Delta JINA, dam of Delta Jacuzzi-Red (owner Mts. Van Middelaar, Sterksel)


Delta Goal (Armada RF x Maestro RF, 349 NVI) has no trouble maintaining his supremacy in the rankings. Goal daughters will produce plenty of milk (+1235kg) with high protein contents (+0.20%), as well as offering phenomenal fertility (daughter fertility 108). Another interesting name among the red-and-white bulls is Delta Moutard (Bram RF x Cupido, 341 NVI). Moutard partners high components (+0.44% fat and +0.30% protein) with super udders (112), legs (108) and superb longevity (+855 days).

Polled and daughter proven

There are several – new – daughter proven, polled bulls in the red-and-white segment too. Delta Potter P (234 NVI) is an interesting newcomer who passes on abundant milk production (+1123kg milk), high protein contents (+0.10%) and good longevity (+605 days). Delta Fun P (238 NVI) is another bull awarded his first breeding values for conformation based on his daughters. Just like his dam, the excellent Caudumer Lol 306, this Aikman son inherits very attractive conformation (114 udder, 110 legs and 113 total conformation).

Barendonk MASSIA 7069 (s. Fun P), owner Barendonk Holsteins VOF, Beers

Chart topper in index run for MRIJ

Vinkenhof 69 Dirk (Buster x Daniël) tops the MRIJ charts. The meat index is now included for the first time in the NVI merit index for dual-purpose breeds. Dirk (+104) is one of the highest scoring bulls for this trait in the MRIJ category. His daughters also feature high components (+0.19% fat and +0.08% protein) and good longevity (+516 days).