CRV expands data collection for breeding purposes

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The collection of hoof health data becomes a structural part in the CRV breeding programme. In addition there are plans in development to extensively increase the analyses done on breeding material of female animals. Hoof health data Starting from September 1st, CRV will reward dairy farmers that contribute in the... read more ›

Firm foundations for efficient farming

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The Interbull run shows that CRV’s new bulls excel in protein and health traits. With high scores for these traits, bulls like Silver, Refiner and Summit lay the foundations for an efficient herd. A herd of animals that is capable of reaching high lifetime production all on their own. Efficiency... read more ›

Progeny groups of CRV are known

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Ten daughter groups will be presented for CRV at the upcoming All Holland Dairy Show. These will include no fewer than five debutantes. In addition to these daughter groups, CRV will also be showing a MRIJ group and a group of crosses. Uniquely, a group of cows that produced over... read more ›