Varta daughter Cascade fleckvieh

Fleckvieh heads the rankings and confirms genomics

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CRV aims to contribute to a future-proof and sustainable dairy sector by helping farmers to breed healthy and efficient cows with CRV Fleckvieh. The results are a better life for the animals, added value for the farmers and respect for our environment. We are proud of our bulls, but above... read more ›
measuring feed intake

In 2020 CRV to measure feed intake of more than 1600 cows

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Two years ago, CRV became the first cattle improvement organisation in the world to start large-scale measurement of the feed intake of dairy cows on working farms. CRV is convinced that targeted breeding still has huge potential to improve the feed efficiency performance of cows. In 2020 CRV will collect... read more ›
Reporter daughters Ritty 319 and Dinie 34 - index run

CRV bulls accomplish excellent lifetime production with high components

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A healthy and efficient herd stands at the base of an excellent lifetime production. Genetic progression is the key, and consistent breeding brings results. CRV offers you an extensive sire selection for improving your herd with an excellent lifetime production and high components. Daughter proven sires confirm predictions During the... read more ›
Gold medal for CRV HerdOptimizer

Gold medal for CRV HerdOptimizer

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CRV Czech Republic received the Animal Tech 2019 gold medal with the entry of HerdOptimizer. With this, CRV wins the gold medal for the second time in a row. Out of thirty entries, 18 were nominated, with CRV winning the first prize. The prize was presented by the Minister of... read more ›
index run

Fleckvieh bulls deliver high levels of health and efficiency

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A healthy herd makes a farmer’s life more pleasurable and profitable. April’s index run shows that a consistent breeding strategy certainly delivers the desired results. CRV has an interesting portfolio of Fleckvieh bulls that contribute to a healthy and efficient herd. Young bulls, healthy fitness and efficient production Helsinki... read more ›