Renaldi (s.Wobbler)

Efficient dairy cows with high ranking Fleckvieh bulls

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Efficient dairy cows with high ranking Fleckvieh bulls April’s index run shows CRV’s progress in breeding for efficient cows with great longevity. Wobbler, Remmel, Perfekt and Windsor are impressive bulls for Fleckvieh breeders wanting to use the full potential of their farms’ production capacity.  Wobbler (Watnox x Mandela, 135 TMI)... read more ›

US CRV bulls determine solid economic base

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The basis for results in the future is determined by the choice of bulls today. The CRV line-up of bulls is ready to improve economics by boosting the production efficiency and health of the herd. Holding the no.1 position in Italy, the no. 9 position in Canada and with 2721... read more ›

Solid foundation for a better financial future

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With milk prices rising, farmers can gradually start to repair the economic damage. The choice of bulls today lays the firm foundations for the financial results of tomorrow. CRV’s line up of bulls is ready and waiting to play an important role. Danno, the world’s highest ranking daughter proven bull,... read more ›

High ranking Fleckvieh bulls to boost economic results

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 With Walk firmly holding the number one position in the Fleckvieh rankings, CRV introduces the new number two: Varta. These bulls will give a tremendous boost to future herd economics, as will their daughter proven colleagues Wildgast, Waidhaus and Riaza.  The index run of 6 December shows great results for... read more ›

Huib Jan Krasenberg strengthens the board at CRV

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The Supervisory Board of CRV Holding has appointed Mr Huib Jan Krasenberg as a board member of CRV per 1 February 2017. In this position he will be responsible for the Business Unit West-Europe including marketing activities. Huib Jan Krasenberg (46) is especially familiar with the bovine industry and has... read more ›