Stillewagt Fidder 59, daughter of Rocky indexrun

CRV bulls – leaders in longevity

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As usual, the index run for December does not hold many surprises. Genetic progress remains the spearhead and a consistent breeding goal delivers results. This applies to adding value through high components, but equally to health and efficiency and longevity. After this index run, CRV will continue offering its members... read more ›
Haribo daughter Angelika fleckvieh

CRV Fleckvieh bulls show excellent efficiency

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Traditionally, the December index turn shows few surprises. Genetic progress remains area of focus and consistent breeding yields results. Fleckvieh bulls demonstrate progress in breeding for health and efficiency and therefore great longevity. CRV has an interesting offer of proven and new Fleckvieh bulls. With a healthy and efficient herd,... read more ›

Vero Startrek highest new daughter proven bull in the Netherlands and Flanders

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The August index run shows CRV bulls that make herds healthier and more efficient. The speed of genetic progress keeps accelerating and farmers are reaping the benefits. Nowadays, farm management has become even more key to profitable farming. Herd advisors give specific advice that helps choose sires that suit the... read more ›

New opportunities for Fleckvieh in August run

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The August index run shows CRV’s progress in breeding efficient cows with great longevity. Wobbler was the most widely used Fleckvieh bull in Germany last year. Mesias, Rolls and Mocca Pp are newcomer bulls for Fleckvieh breeders who want to increase herd health combined with higher production. Wobbler (Watnox x... read more ›
Better Life

Over 1,500kg more milk and 31% less mastitis by using unique breeding index

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Analysis of the performance of cows in the herd of producer Troels Bjørn located in Hobro, Denmark shows that using breeding indexes for health and efficiency pays off. Leading cows on the Better Life Efficiency index, developed by breeding organisation CRV, produced over 1,500kg more milk compared to their herd... read more ›