Nine top-level daughter groups to NRM

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Atlantic daughters
Three daughters of Atlantic

CRV will present nine daughter groups in Zwolle, at the All Holland Dairy Show (NRM) on 27 and 28 June 2014. One of the groups shown is a group of Atlantic, currently the leader in the Dutch-Flemish list of black-and-white daughter-tested bulls. Moreover, CRV shows two demonstration groups of MRIJ and Fleckvieh crossbreeds.
In all, CRV will show five black-and-white and four red-and-white daughter groups at the All Holland Dairy Show. They are all bulls that are excellent for farmers to breed an economic herd with high longevity.

In black-and-white, CRV will show daughters of Goldmar and Jeroen for the first time. In red-and-white, the red-and-white bull Brooklyn will make his debut.
In the following table the selected daughter groups are shown:

  NVI Better Life Health Better Life Efficiency
Delta Atlantic                 (Ramos x O Man) 318 11% 5%
Midwolder Goldmar       (Goldwyn x O Man) 277 9% 5%
Aurora Jeroen                (Bertil x O Man) 242 4% 7%
Newhouse Gofast          (Goldwyn x O Man) 205 6% 3%
Ralma O-Man Cricket    (O man x Durham) 178 7% 1%
Etaregge Brooklyn        (Mr Burns x Kian) 247 -2% 8%
Delta Fidelity                 (Kian x Lightning) 220 -3% 6%
Hjr Windstar                  (Spencer x O Man) 220 9% 4%
Topspeed Kodak           (Kevin x Stadel) 198 6% 7%

CRV cordially invites the thousands of visitors traditionally visiting the All Holland dairy show to admire the groups not only in the ring, but also in the CRV stand. There, farmers can become acquainted with the latest possibilities to boost herd management, including breeding.

Klee 14 (Brooklyn) - eigenaar Broekhuijse, Wilnis

Klee 14 (s. Brooklyn)