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Hotline daughter Mindy van het Zomerbloemhof

The outbreak of coronavirus is severely affecting our daily lives. But despite this, the bulls have been allocated their new breeding values ‘as usual’.

The five-yearly baseline base change has also been implemented and show that herds have made enormous genetic progress. Especially for all health traits and longevity the progress was higher compared to any other country. An achievement that the Dutch and Flemish cattle breeding sector can be immensely proud of! CRV is also proud that popular genomic bulls are living up to their expectations as breeding bulls. Together with farmers, we like to work in harmony to create healthy and efficient herds.


Enormous genetic progress

The five-yearly baseline adjustment means that cows born in 2015 will form the baseline to determine the zero point (for absolute breeding values) or the 100-point (for relative breeding values). Before the adjustment, cows born in 2010 were used. The shift apparent in the breeding values reveals the enormous genetic progress that has been achieved, including for CRV’s Better Life Health and Efficiency values. So, herds in the Netherlands and Flanders have increased their levels of health and efficiency.


Combination of abundant milk and strong conformation

Delta Bodyguard (s. Bolt) is the most notable newcomer in the list of daughter proven bulls. He thanks his high ranking to the combination of impressive milk production (+1151 kg) with neutral components (-0.06% fat and +0.02% protein). Bodyguard is also a strong contender for type with 107 for overall conformation and 107 for udders and feet and legs. This bull will join our portfolio in the coming months. Another striking name is Peak Hotline. This son by Hotrod from the Peak breeding programme in the USA has an excellent conformation score (109) with sublime udders (110) and is listed in the top 5 TPI in America. He combines abundant milk (+1100 kg) with a very positive plus for fat (+ 0.34%). Hotline’s daughters are delivering impressive performances worldwide.

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Delta Bodyguard

Daughters satisfy the expectations

Delta Magister (s. Whatsapp) appears on the bull chart as a new proven bull with more than 1200 proven daughters. His daughters are solid and robust. In practice they show that these all-round, sturdy cows can easily manage a high production. They are also well balanced (aAa code 156) with a nice chest width (102). They produce plenty of milk (+463 kg) with a great score for protein (+0.18%). Delta Jupiler is a former InSire talent who is living up to the potential of his genomic breeding values. This Amigo son scores exceedingly well, particularly in terms of health (+ 7% health). His daughters are very fertile (107) and excel in udder (104) and hoof health (107). The most widely used bull in the red-and-white segment in recent years is Delta Rosebud (s. Filou). And for good reason! He is listed as a daughter proven bull with more than 1,000 lactating daughters. He combines high milk production (+854 kg) with a great score for protein (+0.02%). Farmers describe Rosebud heifers as robust animals with a bit more muscularity. Rosebud’s progeny will inherit excellent udders (112) and will be very healthy (+ 8%) and fertile (105).

Red-and-white efficiency

Noteworthy names in this index are the descendants of Delta Jacuzzi (s. Livington). The top three positions in the red-and-white segment are occupied by his sons Delta Nominator, Delta Novak P and Drouner Altitude. His sons all score more than 10% in terms of efficiency; a combination of production, longevity and feed intake. Another Jacuzzi son, Delta Eloy, is equally making a name for himself, but in the black-and-white league instead. He combines production (+1163 kg) with a protein percentage of +0.11% and overall conformation of 110.

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Delta Jacuzzi-Red

Polled now also in the upper echelons of B&W

Already mentioned above, Delta Novak P is the first polled son by Jacuzzi. His great component percentages (+0.40% fat and +0.17% protein) and robust profile mean this bull will certainly appeal to breeders. The most compelling black-and-white, genomic tested bull is Nippon P (s. Hotspot). With plenty of milk (+947 kg), good components (+0.11% fat and +0.28% protein) and very healthy daughters (+9%) he is a promising bull. These bulls show that the quality of polled bulls is improving.


Diversity of pedigrees

CRV’s portfolio of bulls presents a wide diversity of pedigrees. Delta Podcast (s.Simba) is a true production champion (+1009 kg) with positive bonuses for fat (+0.30%) and protein (+0.13%) and an excellent score for longevity (+498 days). A real star in efficient production with a Better Life Efficiency score of +11%. His all-round profile with good health (Better Life Health +8%) perfectly matches current market demands. Similarly, the bulls Delta Trevor (s.Javino) and Lowlands Blessing (s Jethro) both match the same profile. Trevor passes on +1220 kg milk with +0.16% protein. In addition, his daughters will be very fertile (106) with healthy udders(104) and hoofs(104). Blessing has a comparable performance with + 937 kg milk and +0.23% protein and a score of 7% for health.


MRIJ fertile with good protein

Cows from the traditional Dutch breed MRIJ are robust, fertile animals that give milk with a high percentage of protein. This dual purpose breed produces good meat, and also has outstanding scores for efficiency, health and rich milk. Heading the list for MRIJ is Vinkenhof 69 Dirk (Buster x Daniël) with a ranking of 139 NVI. His daughters offer high components (+0.24% fat and +0.09% protein) and great longevity (393 days). New in the range is Jochem (Bernard x Dos 4), an attractive red-and-white bull with striking components (+0.13% fat and +0.16% protein). Jochem has a true MRIJ profile, which is particularly evident in high scores for body composition traits.

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Carolien 37 (s Dirk)

The range has a bull to suit everyone, whether your ideal is rich, component rich milk, polled traits, a different pedigree or a daughter proven or genomic bull. We are happy to work with you to create healthy and efficient herds.