Progeny and demo groups in the spotlights at ‘Herd to your heart’

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Seven progeny groups and three demo groups were presented to the public at the CRV event ‘Herd to Your Heart’ in Zwolle on 11 June. Here is the report.

Delta Alonso: protein-rich health

Although Delta Alonso has not yet received his breeding value, the progeny group of this Atlantic son made quite an impression at the CRV event. Alonso presented a highly uniform, still young and very appealing group of heifers. These cows are not too big and possess a striking level of balance as well as a strong upper build. Their mid-sections are somewhat closed and their rump is nicely sloped. Alonso’s legwork is strong on paper and was reflected well by these heifers. Their locomotion is strong on very healthy hooves and their udders are firmly attached with beautiful teat placement. Apart from his excellent protein content, Alonso is also known as a bull that transmits plenty of health: his Better Life Health score is +7%.


Willem’s Hoeve R Browning: beautiful, with high milk production

The progeny group of Browning (Snowman’s son from the famous Rita cow family owned by Dick, Anneke and Wim de Jong) was highly anticipated due to its conformation score of 114. Browning heifers produce a lot of milk; thanks to their height, width and space they are able to use their entire bodies: capacity, in other words. The most noticeable feature of the Browning-group were the udders: very high, wide and firmly attached. On top of that the udders are beautifully veined and have excellent teat placement. The main cow of the group impressed in particular: Willem’s Hoeve Superstar 1140. ‘She produces milk with her eyes shut,’ according to her carer and Browning breeder Dick de Jong. ‘Even after 250 days of lactation, she will still produce 38 litres a day.’ Dick also immediately spotted the daughters’ strong gait and dry legwork. ‘This is all due to the Ritas. Browning not only provides good production, he can also deliver a classifiers’ favourite.  

Bruchter Passe: best bull for legs

After his debut at the HHH last December, Passe appeared again in Zwolle with a progeny group. The fresh second calf cows had clearly gained weight and had an excellent milking quality. In combination with high longevity, this production capacity ensured that Passe obtained a Better Life Efficiency score of a whopping +13%. Passe ‘s four red-and-white and two black-and-white daughters showed very strong, hard frames with fine udders and correct teat placement. Legs are without a doubt Passe’s strongest feature: their hocks are a little more angled which ensures suppler leg use. It was all déjà vu to Henk Hemming, Passe’s breeder. ‘Passe’s dam also had a long stride – her hind legs would almost pass her forelegs.’  

Delta G-Force: fat and protein champion

G-Force showed second calf cows with a beautiful weight at the CRV event. These cows can handle their enormous fat and protein production due to considerable frame content, strong udders and fine legs. The development shown by the G-Force daughters between their first and second lactation is best described as late maturity. This is also shown in their production progression. The 1,500 G-Force daughters who are currently in their second lactation produce 600 kg of milk more than on their heifer list. In doing so their udders stay nicely attached and highly placed, long and beautifully veined. The G-Force daughters have proven to be supple (robot milking) cows, thanks to fine legwork and dry hocks.

Cherokee van de Peul: a real all-rounder

Cherokee has shown daughters before, but this time it was the third and fourth calf cows’ turn. These older cows impressed with their balance and uniformity – the six cows appeared to have been copied. Although they weren’t overly big, they had enormous rib cages and very functional rumps. The legs were strong as well and their beautifully veined udders with good teat placement were very well preserved. The six red-and-white cows by the son of Fender are further validation for many dairy farmers who have this reliable all-rounder on their insemination lists.  

Delta Atlantic: favourit of the public

Almost a quarter of all visitors at the CRV event picked Atlantic’s progeny group as the most appealing. The couple with third and fourth calf daughters stood out thanks to their powerful and supple milking type. They are a highly uniform group of problem-free, healthy and strong working cows, boasting durable udders with precise central ligaments and fine teat placement. This health and longevity specialist has already produced 750,000 doses of semen, causing the prediction that he might become the new millionaire.  

Bouw Snowfever cd: from top genomics to impressive reliability

Snowfever made his debut at the CRV event and impressed with his high-production, strong heifers. These heifers will end up producing 10,500 kg of milk on average during their first lactation. Snowfever’s full sister ended up producing 17,500 kg of milk during her second lactation. High milk production is a family trait. The daughters showed shallow udders with length, height and good teat placement. The younger Snowfever daughters also have beautiful withers, a long first rib,great body capacity , width and supple movement. Snowfever’s semen is available in limited amounts and although the fact that he carries CD restricts his use, the visitors of the CRV event still voted his group second best after Atlantic.

Demo groups

Demo group Fleckvieh: healthy dual-purpose breed

A demo group of Fleckvieh crossbreds means a group of powerful, broad cows with an extra muscle and a powerful stride. The number of first inseminations with Fleckvieh semen was around 90,000 last year. Plenty of reason to showcase the daughters of Rumbo and Vitaly, two of the most popular Fleckvieh bulls. Apart from their looks, dairy farmers wax lyrical especially about their performance: strong udder health and high calving ease.

Demo group MRIJ: problem-free with high added value

Problem-free, sturdy cows with high protein percentages: these qualities summarise the MRIJ demo group in a single sentence. These six animals (including one black-and-white) were a mix of pure MRIJ and crossbreds, daughters of Baltimore, Rivaal and the new MRIJ breeding bull Martha 287 Rudolf. Strong cows with functional udders and powerfully used legs.

Demo group Lifetime production: impressive cows

The arena saw more than 700,000 kg of milk, in other words an average lifetime production of 117,000 kg of milk per cow, parading in the arena with the demo group for lifetime production. These six cows, two of which were red-and-white, formed a guard of honour for Big Boukje 192, the queen of lifetime production, who has produced more than 200,000 kg of milk. It made for a very special goose bumps moment while singer Tessa serenaded her.