Progeny groups of CRV are known

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Ten daughter groups will be presented for CRV at the upcoming All Holland Dairy Show. These will include no fewer than five debutantes. In addition to these daughter groups, CRV will also be showing a MRIJ group and a group of crosses. Uniquely, a group of cows that produced over 100.000 kgs of milk will also be presented.

CRV is focusing on lifetime production at the upcoming All Holland Dairy Show. An NVI of 171, 109 frame, 347 days longevity, 108 udders and 105 legs: these are the average breeding values of the bulls CRV will be showing in Zwolle. All ten groups being presented are showing great production combined with very good and functional conformation, strong udders and legs and good udder health.


Three bulls are making their debut with a daughter group, including two strong newcomers from the April index run: De Biesheuvel Sunrise (s. Jardin) and Slotbooms Pilot (s. Mascol). An absolute newcomer is Veneriete 252 Tempo. This Goldwyn son from an O Man was a pleasant surprise for the selection committee. CRV is keen to share this surprise with visitors to the All Holland Dairy Show. Following his debut at the CRV Cow Expo in Den Bosch, Shottle son Aurora Ormsby is once again presenting a daughter group. Red factor bull Fiction (s. O Man) is showing daughters from his breeding period for the first time.


There are also two red-and-white bulls showing their first daughters from their breeding period: Apina Curtis (s. Kian) and Huijben Red Tequila (s. Faber-red). Longevity king Lowlands Klimmer (s. Taco) is following up on his strong debut at the recent CRV Cow Expo. And finally, CRV also has two red-and-white debutantes: Maniac van de Peul (s. Royalist), well-known to, and valued by, many dairy farmers, and Ju Tobias, an absolute newcomer. This son of Delta Lionel (Sparta x Celsius) from a Kian daughter with 86 obviously also made a strong impression in the two selection rounds performed by the members of the CRV breeding board over the last few weeks.

Other groups

In addition to the above daughter groups, CRV will also be showing a pure-bred MRIJ group in the ring. On show on the stand will be a group of crosses as well as a group of cows that produced over 100.000 kgs of milk.