Proven performers and promising talent for Fleckvieh

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Angelika (s.Haribo)

The entire world is feeling the impact of coronavirus. Beef and dairy farmers are also confronted with the effects every day, but continue to play their part in maintaining the continuity of food supplies worldwide.

We are immensely proud of these heroes! It is also business as usual for semen production and breeding value estimation. New, reliable breeding values that not only confirm the quality of daughter proven bulls but also reveal the promise of young bulls. Together with farmers, we like to work in harmony to create healthy and efficient herds.


Proven performers confirm their value

The April index run once again confirms the estimated breeding values of Haribo (Hutera x Rurex). With 4,876 lactating daughters he is the epitome of a reliable partner to breed efficient cows (Better Life Efficiency+ 6%). He passes on abundant milk production (+756) with good component percentages (+ 0.11% fat and +0.02% protein). His daughters are persistent producers (120), easy to milk (milking speed 119) and calve with ease (118). In terms of conformation, he offers a unique package combining good muscularity (109) with super udders (113) and feet and legs (109). Factoring all this in, it’s hardly surprising that he is one of the best daughter proven Fleckvieh bulls! Success is truly embedded in his genes as his dam, grand dam and great grand dam together have achieved production totalling more than 300,000 kg of milk. And the first two are even in calf again!

Another bull to emerge victorious in this index run is Epinal (Everest x Sampro). He is another Fleckvieh bull who boosts the efficiency (+6%) and health (+ 3%) of his daughters. With nearly 1000 kg of milk and a positive protein percentage (+0.06%) he ranks among the champions of daughter proven bulls. His extremely good fertility (119) and fast milking speed (110) also set him apart. His daughters have a great capacity (116) strong legs (107) and good udders (112).

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Gulsn (s. Epinal)

All-round profile to suit everyone

With their good genomic breeding values, the young cohort of Fleckvieh bulls display their potential as today’s promising talents. They offer a well-balanced profile that makes them an interesting proposition for every farmer. Majo (Minor x Zepter) is one such example, with sufficient milk (+ 686 kg) and good components (+0.16% fat and +0.01% protein). He also offers a balanced conformation pattern (102 frame, 112 feet and legs, 114 udders) and a good meat value (109) – traits which make him a super all-round dual-purpose bull. Scoring +9% for Better Life Efficiency and with above average longevity (117) his offspring with have high lifetime production. His fitness traits are also rated above average. To top it off, his scores for udder health (118), somatic cell count (117) and fertility (111) make him archetypal of the perfect balance between health and efficiency. Majo was bred by top breeder Schürer-Hammin, who has already been awarded Fleckvieh Breeder of the Year many times in Germany.

Wiffzack son Westport (Wiffzack x Watzmann) is also a first-class all-rounder scoring +9% Better Life Efficiency and +3% Better Life Health. He partners high milk production (+1034) with neutral components (-0.03% fat and +0.04% protein). Stand out features are also his vitality index (117), persistency (115) and paternal calving ease (113), while with a score of 114, the feet and legs of his daughters will not go unnoticed either.

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Witzel (Wiscona x Ricki) graces the genomics Fleckvieh ranking with his component percentages and rich milk containing + 0.20% fat and + 0.18% protein (477 kg milk). His score for Better Life Efficiency (+8%) is testimony to the efficient production qualities of his progeny. He unites extremely high persistency (122), good milking speed (114) and high longevity (113). Daughters by Witzel will show good muscularity (108) with very correct legs (108) and faultless udders (117): in other words, ideal, robust herd members. In addition, they are dual-purpose type with a meat value of 113.

Our Fleckvieh bull portfolio also offers a flavour to suit everyone, whether your ideal is rich, thick milk, fitness, crossbreeding or a daughter proven or genomic bull. Together with farmers, we like to work in harmony to create healthy and efficient herds.