Product benefits

  • high lifetime production
  • CRV offers a bull for every herd and every breeding goal

Our breeding goal is: ‘Easy to manage and efficient cows’

It will lead to improvement of production and longevity; lower culling rates, which means fewer replacements, which will have a positive effect on income and consumer acceptance. To support farmers in selecting the specific bulls they want, we have developed the Better Life Figrues. Selecting the highest ‘Better Life Health’ bulls will lead to easier to manage (healthier) cows and selecting the highest ‘Better Life Efficiency’ bulls will lead to higher lifetime productions without an increase of health issues. This overall-breeding goal results in cows with a sustainable, efficient lifetime production.

For the selection of bull dams and sires  of sons, CRV selects for production, longevity, udder health, fertility, udder, feet & legs and calving ease, whereby a lot of weight is put upon production, longevity and health and type:

Production Longevity and Health Type
40% 35% 25%

Structure of the NVI breeding program

To achieve the goal set for the breeding programme, CRV in The Netherlands operates two separate breeding programmes: Delta Nucleus and Euro Donor.

European NVI breeding program

With help of the Genomic Selection technique CRV selects the best Holstein bulls for the breeding program. Every year 2,000 bull calves from the Delta Nucleus, 1,000 bull calves from the Eurodonor program (contracted bull dams in Europe) are used. this gives 3,000 high level calves. 1 out of 60 bull calves, resulting in about 60 bulls, become selected InSire bulls. In the end, these InSire bulls are meant to become daughter proven bulls. The structure of the breeding program can be seen in the above figure.


Click here for information about NVI, the total merit index that is used in the Netherlands and Flanders for ranking bulls.


Reliable breeding values are the basis for sustainable breeding.
Dairy farmers Jos and Ingrid Knoef, Geesteren, The Netherlands

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