Breeding for efficient herds

Breeding lays the basis for herd performance. By taking the right breeding decisions and using the best bulls to breed the next generation of animals, dairy and beef producers create the ideal herd to work with on their farm. Breeding is an essential part of optimal herd management.

An efficient herd produces more milk or beef using less feed. That’s good for your finances and good for the environment. We help with better genetics, but also higher figures and products for even greater efficiency.

CRV supports clients with a wide choice of bulls and breeding solutions for efficient herds.
Global examples are:

You can view our international portfolio for holstein, fleckvieh and MRY. Our portfolio of breeding solutions varies per country. Visit your local branch or distributor to view the local offering.

Atlantic daughters


Breeds and breeding programmes

CRV has breeding programmes in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. These breeding programmes cover dairy breeds, dual purpose breeds and beef breeds. The Holstein breeding programmes take place in Europe, North America and New Zealand. In New Zealand we also test Jersey bulls.
In Germany and the Czech Republic CRV tests Fleckvieh bulls; in Brazil we have breeding programmes for Gyr, Girolando and Guzera and the beef breed Nelore. In the Netherlands we have a breeding programme for MRIJ cattle and in Belgium we test bulls of the beef breed Belgian Blue. In the USA we also have a selection program for Angus beef cattle.


Lifetime efficiency

The CRV breeding programmes aim for a high lifetime efficiency. This way our customers get healthy herds with a high lifetime production and good fertility. Each programme has its own focus. For example, we have three breeding programmes with different breeding goals for Holstein Friesians.
The Holstein breeding programme in Europe is based on the Dutch/Flemish index (NVI), which is geared mainly to lifetime production and kg’s fat and protein.
The breeding programme in New Zealand produces bulls that suit farming systems where pasturing is central year-round. With these bulls, we place particular emphasis on fertility among other traits.
The North American Holstein breeding programme focuses on the American TPI system.

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CRV Efficiency

crv efficiencyCRV Efficiency is a breeding value to breed for efficient cows:
– That have a high production
– That are durable
– That convert feed efficiently into milk

Environmentally friendly, durable and very cost effective. CRV Efficiency indicates how much of the absorbed energy is converted into milk in the entire life of the cow. In the calculation especially milk production, longevity and feed intake (improved) play an important role, but also the breeding values persistency, maturity, calving interval and calving age heifers are taken into account. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the daughters of a bull convert feed into milk.
Cows with 10% CRV Efficiency will produce 10% more milk out the same amount of feed!

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Our mating programme SireMatch is an advanced web application that consultants and farmers can use to make the best matches. Depending on the amount of information that is available about a cow, and on the factors the farmer wants to use, there are three types of SireMatch: SireMatch ‘Go’, SireMatch ‘Select’ and SireMatch ‘Pro’. Farmers can choose from six standard breeding goals or formulate their own breeding goal.
SireMatch is suitable for every farmer, irrespective of breed or breeding goal. Even farmers who work with crosses of different breeds can obtain appropriate advice for every cow from SireMatch. This makes SireMatch a typical example of a product that helps to improve the herd and also saves time.

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‘It’s in the genes.’ These words are not only used for people with remarkable characteristics, but are also true for cows and bulls. With research, we are able to continually improve how we ‘look’ at genes and unravel the potential of a breeding animal. Will it be an average animal or the next list topper? InSire bulls are genomic selected bulls from CRV. They are selected for their high genetic potential. The result – better cows in the herd.

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Every time a cow calves you’ll have to wait and see whether it is a heifer calf, or yet another bull calf. Usually there is a 50:50 chance of either a heifer or a bull. But that’s set to change as CRV is offering sexed semen under the name SiryX. Inseminations with SiryX sexed semen will result in 90%, or more, heifer calves.

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Sire portfolio

CRV has a wide range of bulls available across the world. Top bulls from many different breeds that contribute highly to the performance of the herd and match the wide variety of breeders goals of our customers.

Our portfolio of sires varies per country, please visit our homepage and choose your local branch or distributor to view our local offering.

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