Fertility, vital to herd results

Achieving a high fertility requires an optimal herd management. Breeding for fertility is part of that management and CRV has a wide choice of bulls with high non-return results and transmitting high daughter fertility.

Besides the bulls CRV offers a variety of solutions to manage herd fertility.
Ovalert is a good example of a total solution that improves the fertility results of the herd.


Ovalert improves cows’ fertility figures, such as the calving interval and number of inseminations. It gives a complete overview of the status of the herd: from increased cow activity through to insemination of the cow by the farmer or the A.I. experts in that area.

Ovalert also has the unique option of linking the heat detection to mating advice.

Working principle and advantages

Using pedometers Ovalert detects which cows are in heat. The data is transmitted wirelessly and the farmer can see from text messages and/or the online application which animals are in heat. Using this form of heat detection, around 90% of all heats are identified correctly. This is considerably more than a farmer can observe without technical tools.

Ovalert contributes to better results and also saves on labour and time. The main advantages:

  • 90% heat detection
  • Detection of animal activity and poor heat expression or ‘silent’ heat
  • Savings on labour and time
  • Option of integration with other services, such as:
    • Linking heat detection to mating advice, with cows in heat being inseminated using the most suitable breeding bull
    • Linking heat detection to the ordering of semen

Ovalert comes with the customary CRV quality and service and is available exclusively from CRV. Please visit your local branch to view our local offerings of fertility solutions .